The cat in the hat comes back


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The cat in the hat comes back

  1. 1. By Dr. Seuss
  2. 2. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back When Nick and his sister, Suzie have to clean upthe snow out of their yard, they know that they will haveno time to play. Just then, the Cat in the Hat comes to getout of the cold ;). Nick and Suzie know that they cannotallow the Cat in the Hat to cause any messes, so they goinside to apprehend the perp. They find him in thebathtub with toys scattered and a cake on his belly. Nicktells him to get out but when he does, he leaves a pinkspot on the bathtub.
  3. 3. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back Nick is furious. Now he has two messes to clean up. But the cat assures him that he can clean it up. So the cat goes and gets Nick’s mother’s white dress and wipes it up. Now the spot is on the dress. The cat does the same thing with shoes, the rug and the wall until it ends up on the bed. The cat brings out his little alphabet cats to help out. The spot gets out of the house and ends up all over the yard. There’s no saying when Nick’s mother will get back, so they have no time to waste.
  4. 4. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back Luckily, the Cat in the Hat brought some friends, 26 to be exact. Yes, the alphabet cats help to get the stain out of the house. But now, the stain is all over the snow-covered yard! The cats are working as hard as they can, but the stain is only getting bigger, until finally, the stain goes as far as the eye can see. But the last cat, Cat Z, has voom! Voom is a cool thing that can clean up anything. So, now the stain is gone and the yard is clean. Its time for the cat to go now, but he will be known as a helpful cat now.
  5. 5. About The Author- Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss was a very loveable, loving man. He wasborn March 2, 1904, and he died September 24, 1991. In hislife, he published 46 children’s books. He wrote and drewmany cartoons for various newspapers such as TheSaturday Evening Post. During the World War II era, hedrew more than 400 political cartoons in order to keeppeople up to date with the events. He got throat cancer atthe age of 87 after years of writing books. All of his booksare still loved today
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