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The boy in the striped pajamas


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The boy in the striped pajamas

  1. 1. BSP The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Written by John Boyne
  2. 2. About the Author John Boyne• Born on April 30th 1971• Born in Dublin, Ireland• Educated at Trinity College in Dublin• Studied Creative writing at the University of East Anglia• Awarded Curtis Brown Prize• Author of 6 novels and many short stories.
  3. 3. More About the Author• His novels have been published in 39 different languages• “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”, was a New York Times Best Seller• He began publishing short stories in his early twenties.• His first novel, written in 2005, was “The Crippen”.
  4. 4. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Part One• It is WWII. Bruno and his sister, mom, and dad move to Auschwitz. Bruno’s dad is the actual leader of Auschwitz, but Bruno is clueless of what’s truly going on at Auschwitz.• Bruno goes out to explore one day, because he is extremely bored, and finds the fence to the edge of the concentration camp. He sees a Jewish boy named Schmuel. He goes to talk to him and they become best friends. Bruno keeps visiting Schmuel for a couple of months.• One day, Bruno walks into his dining room to see Schmuel cleaning glasses. Bruno is shocked and offers Schmuel food. Schmuel takes the food right away. As Schmuel is swallowing the food, Lieutenant Kotler walks in on them and yells at Schmuel asking him if he took food.
  5. 5. MORE STORY!!!• Schmuel told Kotler that he and Bruno are friends and that Bruno gave him the food. Bruno is scared of the consequences for playing with a Jew so he lies and says he has never seen Schmuel and that Schmuel had stolen the food. Schmuel is told by Kotler that he finish cleaning the dishes and then Kotler would talk to him.• Bruno visits Schmuel a week later, not knowing why Schmuel has a huge black eye. Bruno apologizes and they make up. Bruno and Schmuel keep talking to each other for the next couple of weeks.
  6. 6. Part Two• Bruno’s parents inform him and his sister, Gretel, that they are moving back to Berlin. Bruno tells Schmuel that he’s moving and they decide to have one last adventure together. Bruno crawls under the concentration camp fence and is given a cap and clothes by Schmuel to fit in with all the other Jews. Bruno and Schmuel go to find Schmuel’s dad. As they do this, they are formed into a line by the Nazis. Bruno and Schmuel are extremely scared and confused. They are put into a room with hundreds of people. They still don’t know what’s happening. Then, the poison is put into the room. The room is silent five minutes later.