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My sister's keeper powerpoint

  1. 1. My Sister’s Keeper By Jodi PicoultThe only way to save your daughter is tosacrifice her sister. What would you do?
  2. 2. Jodi Picoult Jodi Picoult was born May 19, 1966 in Nesconset, Long Island. She wrote her first book when she was 5, titled The Lobster Which Misunderstood. She later moved to New Hampshire when she was thirteen. She went to college at Princeton University and graduated in 1987. While she was still in college, she published two short stories in Seventeen magazine. After college, she had a variety of jobs including editing textbooks and teaching eight grade English. She went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard University. Also, she married Timothy Warren Van Leer, whom she met inOther books by Jodi college. Picoult: Her writing career began when she became the writer of DC Comic’s Wonder Woman. Jodi’s first book to debut at #1 Nineteen Minutes on the New York Times Best Seller List was Nineteen Minutes which is about the aftermath of a school shooting in a small The Pact town. She has continued to write many more amazing novels and Plain Truth currently lives in Hanover, New Hampshire with her husband Change of Heart and three kids Sammy, Kyle, and Jake. Handle with Care Salem Falls The Tenth Circle Click here for a complete list of Picoult’s books Vanishing Acts
  3. 3. Summary My Sister’s Keeper takes place in Providence, Rhode Island in 2004.The story centers around a family, the Fitzgerald’s. Anna Fitzgerald has beendonating cord blood, bone marrow, and other things since she could remember.Anna was born specially for her sister Kate who was diagnosed withpromyelocytic leukemia two years before Anna was born. Kate was neversupposed to live past age four and now that she has, it’s a miracle, because of hersister, Anna. Now Anna is 13 and is told that she will have to donate one of herkidneys in a hope to save Kate’s life. It is a major surgery and is not evenguaranteed to work, and would also have a significant impact on Anna’s life. Kateand Anna’s mother, Sara, is determined to do anything to save Kate’s life withouteven talking to Anna about losing her kidney. To the surprise of the whole family,Anna petitions for medical emancipation with the help of lawyer CampbellAlexander, so that she will be able to make her own decisions regarding hermedical treatment and the donation of her kidney.
  4. 4. Continued Sara, is an ex-lawyer and decides to represent herself and her husbandin the lawsuit. Over the course of the novel, she tries on several occasions tomake Anna drop the lawsuit. Anna refuses to do so, but the resulting tensionbetween her and her mother result in her moving out of the house to live withher father Brian in the fire station where he works. This is done on the advice ofJulia Romano, the court-appointed guardian ad litem whose job it is to decidewhat would be best for Anna. Julia was once romantically involved withCampbell when they went to high school together, but Campbell broke her heartwhen he left her. Julia didn’t know, but the reason he left her was because hebecame an epileptic and thought she deserved better. Meanwhile, Annas brother Jesse, who has spent most of his life beingignored in favor of ill Kate or donor Anna, spends most of his time setting fireto abandoned buildings with home-made explosives and doing drugs. He is a self-confessed juvenile delinquent. The one moment when his parents pay him anyattention is when Brian discovers that it is Jesse who has been setting the fires.Brian forgives him and Jesse becomes a better person by the end of the book,but the problem of Anna and Kate is still not resolved.
  5. 5. Conclusion The trial starts and through the tension, it is revealed that Kate asked Annato sue for emancipation because she did not want Anna to have to transplant, andbecause she believes that she will die anyway. Sara refuses to believe this and no oneelse can either, because no one ever actually talked to Kate about what she wantetd.The judge rules in Anna and Kates favor, and grants Campbell medical power ofattorney. However, as Campbell drives Anna home after the trial, their car is hit by anoncoming truck. Brian, the on-call firefighter who arrives at the scene, retrieves anunconscious and injured Anna from the wreckage of the crushed car and rushes herand Campbell to hospital. At the hospital, the doctor informs Sara and Brian thatAnna is brain-dead, that the machines keeping her alive may as well be switched off,and asks them if they have considered organ donation. Campbell steps in, anddeclares that he has the power of attorney, and that there is another girl who coulduse the kidney. Kate is prepared for surgery, and Annas kidney is successfullytransplanted. Kate survives the surgery and remains in remission for at least six years. Kate believes that she survived because someone had to go, and Anna tookher place. Six years later, she works as a dance instructor. She mentions that everytime she sees two sisters giggling she remembers Anna.