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  1. 1. By: Charles Weiler
  2. 2. Dav Pilkey Born: March 4, 1944 At age 4, Dav was kicked out of “Safety School” for throwing stuff out of the window He got in trouble a lot when he was a child Dav went to Kent university do major in art
  3. 3. Oscer Oscar is a wiener dog He is a brown dog Oscar has a lovey mom Oscar is really excited for Halloween Oscar wants to be something really scary
  4. 4. Halloween On Halloween every dog has a scary costume Oscar really wants to be something scary Oscars mom buys him a hot dog costume Oscar doesn’t like the costume but doesn’t want to hurt his moms feelings Oscar wears the costume Oscar gets made fun of by all his friends
  5. 5. Halloween Con. Oscar goes trick or treating with all his friends Oscar goes slow in his costume Oscar doesn’t get much candy
  6. 6. Hyper Link Pilkey.com: Davs Books Davs Books that he has writen