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Book talk by ellen lilek


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Book talk by ellen lilek

  1. 1. Book Talk By:Ellen LilekThe Boy in Striped PajamasBy: John Boyne
  2. 2. Photos of John Boyne:Check this out!
  3. 3. About the Author John Boyne  Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1971  studied English Literature at Trinity College  sold more than 5 million copies of Boy in Striped PJ’s  awarded the Curtis Brown prize
  4. 4. Novels John Boyne has written: ◦The Thief of Time (2000) ◦The Congress of Rough Riders (2001) ◦Crippen (2004) ◦Next of Kin (2006) ◦Mutiny On The Bounty (2008) ◦The House of Special Purpose (2009) ◦The Absolutist (2011) ◦The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (2006) ◦Noah Barleywater Runs Away (2010) ◦The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket (2012)
  5. 5. Beginning of the BSPA boy named Bruno and his family have to move from Berlin to Auschwitz. Their father is a soldier for Hitler. They had to move because their father was transferred to be on the same camp as the Jews. Bruno didn’t like that he had to leave all of his friends.
  6. 6. Middle of BSP Bruno loves to explore. One day he went looking around the Auschwitz camp. He didn’t know what they were. He only thought that it was a little town. While exploring he met a little Jew boy named Shmuel, they became secret friends. If anyone knew they were friends they might kill Shmuel. Every afternoon Bruno would go and visit him and bring him some food to eat.
  7. 7. End of BSP Bruno goes to see Shmuel. Shmuel tells Bruno his father is missing. While Shmuel went to find clothes so that he could fit in with everyone, Bruno then dug a hole under the fence and went into the camp. After looking around for a while Bruno wanted to go home. All of sudden the soldiers forced the Jews on a march. They were to be taken into a gas chamber and both were killed.
  8. 8. I recommend this book topeople who like learningabout the Holocaust in adifferent person’sperspective.