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Art direction ideas


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Published in: Design, Technology
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Art direction ideas

  1. 1. Exploring opportunities for cross channel integration 15 January 2008
  2. 2. Some key elements of the Panasonic european web guidelines
  3. 3. Typography
  4. 4. Colour palette Small primary colour palette Very flexible secondary colour palette
  5. 5. Object shapes
  6. 6. Product imagery
  7. 7. Standard example pages
  8. 8. Special promotional variations
  9. 9. What could be done to integrate more Sharing of a key graphical elements - Colours - Typography - Flat colours - Shapes? Apply the same art direction to product presentation (enhance 3-dimensional feel through shadows and reflections) Introduction of a modular system encouraging diversity Share the same core concept (Scrunch, Blink of an eye, Everything matters… etc)
  10. 10. Visual exploration Version A Note the following examples are not meant to be final layouts. they are simply a visual experimentation
  11. 21. Visual exploration Version B