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Mr brightside pitch original


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this is the original mr brightside pitch. A level media at cchs!!!!!!!

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Mr brightside pitch original

  1. 1. Mr Brightside Pitch By JAR Productions
  2. 2.
  3. 3. THE VISION Our band is made up of Matt (Keyboard and Vocals), Alistair (Drums), Joe (Bass), and Jordan (Guitar). They will be performing throughout the video as it will be made up of performance and narrative concepts. The narrative for this video will be played out by Joshua Smith, Lauren Worley, and Ashley Pemberton. This will show a rocky relationship which comes to head when Rebekah starts to cheat on Joshua. The band will appear at points where the narrative is taking place to link them together.
  4. 4. BRAND IMAGE • The impression of a product held by real or potential consumers.
  5. 5. LOCATION The locations we will be using are: • Field (houses as backdrop) • Music practice room • Main stage The locations we may also use are: • Civic Hall stage
  6. 6. COSTUMES The costumes which will be worn by the band are: • White shirt, black trousers and black tie (Red tie for Matt) • Black jeans and white shirt The costumes which will be worn by the actors are: • Red dress and attire for Lauren • Casual clothes such as jeans and a t-shirt for Joshua and Ashley
  7. 7. THEMES We thought that the song ‘Mr Brightside’ had a few themes such as love, betrayal, lies and stalking and we hope to reflect this in our music video by showing it through the actors or the bands emotions.
  8. 8. TARGET AUDIENCE Our target audience for our music video is going to be teenage males and females aged 13-17 as shown through our market research we have done. We hope to meet this by using age appropriate actors and have them in locations and costumes such as a school and school uniform to make them relatable. From doing questionnaires we have found out that our target audience like the idea of a rebellious school band so this is what we will have in our music video.