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why rape jokes are bad


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why they are bad and you should not do them

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why rape jokes are bad

  1. 1. why rape jokes are bad a powerpoint presentation by tumblr user verifiedcoolgirl
  2. 2. • by telling rape jokes you could be triggering someone • you could cause an anxiety attack or unwanted memories to come back by mentioning it
  3. 3. • by mocking rape you are promoting rape culture • this makes it seem less serious and more of a joke, therefore making it more acceptable to rape and ‘not a big deal’ especially if you are a well known comedian or have lots of influence over others in some way
  4. 4. • rape is a unique crime and cannot be compared to dead baby or murder jokes • attempted murder victims do not have to worry about ‘asking for it’ or being told it’s not a big deal ( i am not trying to justify jokes about murder and homicide)
  5. 5. rape jokes: just don’t • you could trigger someone • you are promoting rape culture • rape is a unique crime and should not be compared to dead babies