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Research: audience mood board and flat plans
Research: audience mood board and flat plans
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Research: audience mood board and flat plans


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This part of the research includes the audience mood board to show what my target audience are interested in. It also includes two flat plans from the magazine 'NME'. This gives me an idea of how music magazines are set out.

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Research: audience mood board and flat plans

  1. 1. 4735830-493395707263089725550882558985254817110466725032480253732530104902042779957764780-6426204365625896620UP BEAT STATS:This reader profile represents what the target audience like and what would be advertised in the magazine. As you can see the magazine is mainly aimed at teenage women aged 15 – 21. Average age; 19Women = 60%Men = 40%-152403574415READER PROFILE-84455-26035082556353425190<br />53454305353057599045173990<br />250190647700<br />353695594360<br />Flat Plan: NME magazine<br />LargeImage of David Grohiwith headingList of NME Awards2011Tour withinfoPeoplesProblems AnsweredAnd bandServicesAre on thisPage.Gig guideTo show GigsComing upThis year.Info onThe NMEMagazineIn 1991.Also theNME editorial CrosswordAnd Cartoonstrip.Advert onNME Subscrib-tionCanon camerasadvert ContentspageDouble Page Spread ofThe bandTheHorrorsIncludingAn article And aLarge Image.Double Page Spread ofMusic’s BiggestCheeses2011Pages IncludeImagesAnd ArticlesWith numbersArticles About rapArtists +Images(Large +Small)ArticleAbout Plan BWith large Image(Right ofArticle)Article onBombayBicycle Club + ImagesAdvert onJack DanielsCanon CamerasadvertNew Music articleDouble Page Spread ofMusic’s Glam-pop2011Pages IncludeImagesAnd ArticlesWith numbersSmallArticles onBritishMusic artistsLarge Article &Image onElbowAdvertise-ment onNME radio+ t-shirtsArticle onGlasvegasWith largeimageDoublePage Spread onAmericanMusic artistsWith Info on them.Large Image onpagesReview on White LiesalbumMoreReviewsOn album With rating& image ofalbumsNME Front Cover pageQ&As withGaryNumanWith imageCentrepageInfo onContentOn the Next issue Advert onBritish SeaPowerDoublePageSpread onFan MailWith smallImages allAround thepageQ&Aswith Russell Howard +The top20Beth DittoArticle +Image ofherDouble Page Spread ofArtists withThe best voices2011Pages IncludeImagesAnd ArticlesWith numbersDouble Page Spread ofAn articleAbout KasabianPages Consists Of a largeImageAnd text.DoublePage SpreadOn WildBeastsLargeImageTaking upMost ofThe pagesArticle onThe Maccabeeswith largeImageArticle on Beady eyewith largeImageAdvert ofSonic Editionsby NMEArticle on The 60Most Exciting Albums Of 2011An articleAbout aMusic Artist + aLarge ImageArticle onThe StrokesDoublePage Spread onlots ofBritish musicArtists.Including A few Images.More ReviewsBut on Games &MusicSinglestoo.Article on British seaPower,SonicYouth.With largeImage.DoublePage Spread onThe articleFrom thePreviouspageIncludesMore largeImagesFrom theLive eventFourDifferent Advertise-mentsList ofNMEAwards2011 Showswith infoArticle of DavidGrohl +images<br />Flat Plan: NME magazine <br />Front cover Contents page.Main stories in images Advert of an alcohol-lc drinkAdvert of HMV and NME awards ‘on repeat’ article. Different bands Double page article. Double page article. Actual article Image takes up whole page, part of articleNME rewards article. Lots of images of last year’sNME rewards article. Lots of images.Small article ‘Rader’Actual article startsInterview with an artist and a small advertTwo small articles and an advert Main image for the previous article.‘NME this is history’ article. Small advert ‘scene report’ looks at band member‘The Buzz’ latest music this weekDouble page article continuing previous page‘Rumours’ article. Page taken up by name and quotesImage related to the titleDouble page article continuing previous pageLarge image of article and quotes from herArticle related to last page ‘Tank Think article’ page taken up by 1 imageOther half of image and article begins Continues article and one image‘Saxy beast’ article. Image stretches across pageOne image takes up whole page.Advert of HMVContinuation of last article. The NME chart and an interview with a band member‘Chemical Warfare’ article. Pull quote and imageContinuation of article with lots of images Image takes up whole page for article‘The cast of 2011’ articleContinuation of reviews‘Reviews’ Ending of article, lots of imagesConcert reviews over that past weekTwo articles‘Live’ article review of a live concert Reviews ReviewsAdverts: mastering, recording studiosUpcoming tours. Images vary in size Adverts: clothesNME subscription advert ‘Gig Guide’ shows detailsContinues article and one image and pull quoteConcert reviews over that past weekUpcoming tours. Images vary in size Upcoming tours. Images vary in size Upcoming tours. Images vary in size Upcoming tours. Images vary in size Upcoming tours. Images vary in size ‘pick of the week’<br />