Planning: time management


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The time plan I created tells me what tasks I need to complete and by when.

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Planning: time management

  1. 1. Time management<br />TaskWhat it includesFinish dateFinished on time?ExplanationAnalysis of front coversAnalysing 10 existing music magazines. This is so I can use good aspects in my magazine.6/2/11Yes This task took a lot of time. I was constantly doing it to ensure I finished on timeAnalysis of content pagesAnalysing 10 existing music magazine content pages. This is so I find good and bad points to use in my own.6/2/11YesThis task took a lot of time. I was constantly doing it to ensure I finished on timeAnalysis of double page spreadsAnalysing 10 existing double page spreads. This is so I can use the good points in my own.6/2/11YesThis task took a lot of time. I was constantly doing it to ensure I finished on timeFlat planning Look at two current magazines content26/1/11YesThis task was quick to complete as it was fairly easy meaning I finished on timeResearch This includes ‘uses and gratification theory’ and magazine institutions. 26/1/11YesThis task was quick to do as it was researchCreate audience questionnaireProduce a questionnaire for my target audience to fill in to see what they want to see in a music magazine27/1/11YesThis was a short task as I created it on the computer. I passed it around my class so I could get results fastAnalyse questionnaire and evaluateProduce graphs in excel to show results and evaluate them.27/1/11YesI put all the results into excel so I could create graphsReflect upon Find your tribeLook at the results of ‘Find your tribe’ 28/1/11YesThis was a quick questionnaire that I print screened an analysed Audience mood boardCreate a mood board to show reader profile1/2/11YesThis was to produce a mood board showing what my target audience are interested in. It was quick to do.Reflect on analysis done on magazinesState what I have found from analysing 10 magazines 4/2/11I overran on this task by a day, I under estimated how long it took to analyse and summarise everythingReflect on audienceAnalyse what results have shown about audience6/2/11YesI was able to sum up what the results of the audience research were in a couple of daysResearch deadline6/2/11YesOrganisation of modelsArrange a photo shoot with model. Show details and conformation from model.6/2/11YesI arranged the photo shoot before to ensure I finished on time and I did the shoot on the weekendOrganisation of locationEvaluate location describing lighting, health and safety. Show images and say why used.7/2/11YesIt was easy to analyse the location so I was able to do it quicker than other tasksOrganisation of props and costumesWhen photo shoot is done take images of props and costumes and state why used7/2/11NoI over ran by a day on this task. This meant I had to do catch up with the next task which I was able to do.Evidence for storyboard style for photo shootUse post-it notes to show what camera shots I will be using in the photo shoot8/2/11YesI was able to quickly draw shots on post-it notes and scan them in the computer so I could do it quickly Mood boardCreate a mood board to show: colour scheme, layout, mode of address, mast head and photo shoot9/2/11YesThe mood board took quite a long time, it included lots of things but I was able to finish on timeFlat planning for whole magazineCreate a flat plan for my magazine to show the contents of it10/2/11YesI was able to put together my flat plan in a dayPlanning deadline11/2/11YesCreate front cover 22/2/11NoI over ran by a two days because I did not realise how long the front cover would take to create. It requires a lot of thought and planning to get the right look.Create contents page1/3/11NoI over ran by one day, this could have been because I ran over on the previous task. Create double page spread10/3/11Yes I was able to catch up on the double page spread and finished on time.Deadline for production11/3/11YesEvaluate the conventions of my magazine Explain how I followed/challengedconventions .16/3/11YesEvaluate how my magazine represents social groups State how my magazine represents social groups.19/3/11YesEvaluate what kind of media institution might distribute my magazineFrom the information I gathered about audience institutions evaluate which one would be best to use.22/3/11YesState who the target audience are Explain my target audience.25/3/11YesEvaluate how I attracted my target audience Explain how I attracted my target audience.28/3/11YesEvaluate what I have learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the magazineExplain how technology helps construct magazines. State what I have learnt.30/3/11YesEvaluate on the preliminary work Look back on preliminary work and evaluate what’s happened till now.1/4/11YesDeadline for evaluation1/4/11Yes<br />