Planning: reflection on audience feedback


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Here I have analysed the results from the continued audience feedback. I commented on what they said and stated the ways I could improve when I create my magazine.

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Planning: reflection on audience feedback

  1. 1. Reflection on audience feedback<br />From the audience feedback on my three drafts I was able to see what drafts I should use for the front cover, contents page and double page spread of my magazine. The audience feedback gave me a chance to see how I can improve my magazine when it comes to creating it. <br />For the front cover I found that two people went for ‘draft three’ while one person went for ‘draft 1’. Some of the reasons that they liked it was the use of the main image. They liked the fact that the image took up the whole page so their attention was focused on it. The two people who chose ‘draft three’ liked the way there was a ‘sky line’. They said it was good because it will attract their attention. One of them said that I should put a main story heading in their as it will make them want to buy the magazine. From this feedback when creating my front cover I will defiantly insert the heading of one of my main articles in the sky line. <br />For the contents page I found that two people went for ‘draft three’ while only one went for ‘draft one’. The reasons draft three was most popular was because they liked the use of the ‘editor’s note’ from the feedback they said that this part personalises the magazine and is something they would read. They also liked the fact that the images on the contents page have page numbers on them to tell the reader what page the article is on. They said they liked this because they don’t like reading the whole contents so by having a page number reference they can flick to the best articles. <br />For the double page spread all three of the participants went for ‘draft two’. This is good because it shows that draft two is a strong design. I found from the feedback that they liked the layout but not the position of the ‘pull quote’. They said it was a little distracting placed in the middle of an article. They all suggested that I moved the pull quote of out that area and one suggested I put it in the corner. <br />Overall from the audience feedback I was able to see the good and not so good points of my magazine drafts. I have found some ways to improve the magazine such as moving the position of the ‘pull quote’. By following what my target audience sample say it will hopefully attract others like them.<br />