College magazine front cover analysis<br />The background is black making everything stand out. The light is coming from b...
College magazine analysis
College magazine analysis
College magazine analysis
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College magazine analysis


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Here is the first stange of creating a college magazine: analysing two college magazines to find the conventions to use in my magazine.

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College magazine analysis

  1. 1. College magazine front cover analysis<br />The background is black making everything stand out. The light is coming from behind the model making him the main focus of the magazine.A barcode is positioned at the bottom of the page. It is less important.The colour scheme is quite dramatic, black white and yellow, they stand out from each other drawing young people in.The uses of different coloured cell lines are effective because they stand out from the black background.Lots of cell lines are used to give the audience an insight to what is in the magazine. This draws the audience in and may make them more inclined to buy the magazine.The main image is of a young man who symbolises a student. The shot is eye level so we are involved. The shot is a MS so we can see his facial expressions as well as his upper body. He is looking at the camera so it is direct address drawing us in.The props he has in his hand are college books, students can connect with him.This flash looks like a splat which draws the audience in. Bold bright mast head. This will attract the audience because it is so eye catching. The font style is in sans serif making it look less formal appropriate for teenagers.12388851882140<br />11049002256155<br />The mast head is very large drawing attention to it. It is in a bright red colour maybe the college colours. The colour also makes it stand up<br />The college issue is here. It is in small copy because it is not the main focus.<br />The colour scheme used here is blue, red and black. They are the same as what the model is wearing making it look co-ordinated. The cell lines used on this magazine are quite effective. Part of it is in bold to make it stand out. Cell lines are important to give the audience an insight into the magazine. The cell lines are in two colours to make part of it stand out.The barcode is positioned at the bottom of the page. It is not important to students so it is placed at the bottomsThe main image is a MS of a young lady representing a student. It is a pull focus blurring the background so we focus on her. It is direct address as she is looking at the camera drawing us in. She looks happy and students can relate to her.<br />College magazine contents page analysis<br />The ‘contents’ title does not stand out as it is very small.11049001276350<br />The only image on this page is the head teacher. This makes here stand out more and the first thing the reader see.Page number<br />This contents page is set up like a typical one. The contents its self is a column which says the article and name. This makes it easy for the reader to find a certain page fast.<br />Here is a ‘note’ from the principle. As she is a role model for the school students may be interested in what she has to say. It makes the magazine feel less formal as she is speaking to everyone. Here they make reference to the writers of the articles within the magazine.<br />Reference to who took the images within the magazine. <br />Here are details for the reader so they can ‘follow’ the magazine online – facebook and twitter The colour scheme for this magazine is black and white. It is not very exciting and may not appeal to the teenage audience. However the copy stands out from the white background. This colour scheme makes the magazine look formal, this may put students off.<br />Mast head shows this page is the contents. It is bold and large making it stand out. The type face is in a cartoon style to make it look more appealing to teenagersThe font used on this contents page is a mixture between serif and sans serif typeface. Serif text is used to make something look formal, they may have used it here so it looks older for the target group.The main article is shown by an image. It is in the centre of the page to draw attention to it.The layout of this contents page is very unusual; it is not the typical contents style. It is split up into sections for each image/copy. By the sectioning it draws attention to it.Sub headings are in the bold typeface to make it stand out. The colour scheme is simple black and white. It is quite effective as the copy stands out from the backgroundImages are used to show the reader what is inside the magazine. It makes them want to read all the articles.No page numbers are used to tell the reader what page an article is on. This is a little annoying because you would have to flick through the whole magazine to find it.11049001600200<br />