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Audience feedback from drafts


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Here is the audience feedback, three people in my target audience have been used to give their opinions on the drafts and choose which one they prefer. I have then looked at the results and analysed them to find what I need to improve on..

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Audience feedback from drafts

  1. 1. Audience Feedback from drafts<br />Jade Weedon (20) : For the front cover I prefer the second draft. This is because it looks clear and organised. The use of a slogan is good because it draws attention to that part, this makes me want to look at the rest of the magazine. The way the images have captions on are a good point because it is a visual way of seeing what the magazine contains. I do not like the first draft because the title goes down the spine of the magazine, this is a little strange and off putting. I do not like the way the magazine is set out, this is because it looks a little disjointed. For the draft I prefer the first one. This is because the layout looks much better. I like the way the contents goes down the page in a typical way. I like the way that the images are joined up to create a square/rectangle. However I would suggest that Amy inserts captions on the images telling the reader what page the articles are on. I do not like the second draft because of the layout. I do not like the way that the contents goes across the page, it is strange and a little off putting. It looks a little boring, with only three images. The images also need captions.<br />Katie Robb (15): I like the front page of the second draft, I like that the images have a caption underneath with the page number, this saves time so you can flick to that page straight away. I like the slogan, also, because it draws you in and makes it more personal. The main image catches your attention very quickly. I prefer this over a small image as it stands out very much. On the other hand I do not like draft one as much because the mast heading goes down the margin, I find this does not draw your attention as much.I like the first draft for the contents page. This is because there are images that shows you what is inside, this gives you a taster and entices you in. However I suggest that Amy inserts captions to tell the reader what page the article is on.<br />Todd Ashton (17):The draft I prefer for the front cover is the second one. My reasons for this are that is looks like a proper magazine layout. I like the way that there are images along the side with captions that tell you about the corresponding article inside. This is a typical aspect in a magazine so is good to use. I do not like the way the slogan is along the bottom this is because my attention wouldn’t be drawn straight to it. I think it should be along the top somewhere. For the contents page I like the first draft. This is because I do not like the layout of the second one. The second draft has the contents going across the page which I do not like. I like how on the first draft there is lots of images to tell you what is inside the magazine. However they need captions. I like the way that the mast head is carried on from the front cover to the contents page. This makes it look consistent. <br />Evaluation of the audience feedback<br />For my audience feedback I asked three people within my target audience to write up what they think of my drafts and choose one they think I should use for my final design. From the audience feedback I was able to see that the draft they prefer for the front cover was ‘draft number two’ and for the contents ‘draft number one’. <br />When they analysed the front cover drafts they said they liked the organisation of the layout, they said it was clear and easy to see everything. One major thing that all three of the people liked was the use of images with the captions attached to tell the reader what page the article is on. All three of the people liked the use of a slogan, however one of them did not like the fact it was positioned at the bottom. I would change the position of it but as the other two like where it is I will not change it. <br />For the contents page everyone liked the first draft. Two of the three people stated that they did not like the second draft because the actual contents went down the side. All three of the people liked the second draft for similar reasons. One was that the layout of it is a typical way in that the contents goes down the side of the page, they all liked this. They also all liked the fact that there were lots of images to give you a ‘visual insight’ into what the magazine offers. However in my draft I did not plan to put page numbers on the images to reference the article. All three of the people suggested that I inserted captions so the reader can quickly flick to the corresponding page. <br />After all the feedback I am happy with the outcome, my target audience have picked the draft that they preferred and stated why they liked it. From the feedback I will make changes when creating the magazine – in this case, inserting page numbers onto the images inside the contents page. This is so it is easier for the reader and shows them what page an article is on.<br />