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2) how does your media product represent particular social groups


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This evaluation is about the social groups I have represented through my magazine.

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2) how does your media product represent particular social groups

  1. 1. The social group I have attracted is young adults aged 15 – 21 who are in the social group ‘townies’ who enjoy hip-hop and R&B music. The way I have portrayed this is my magazine is through mise-en-scene, language and camera angles. <br />The way I have represented my social group is through language and mode of address. I used a mixture of ‘slang’ and ‘The Queens English’ to represent my audience. In everyday life my target audience speak in this way therefore was appropriate to use and they can connect with it. In the language I used exclamation marks and capitals, this is so it looks informal and more fun. This represents the social group because 15 – 21 year olds are fun and loud so I wanted to portray this attitude in my magazine. <br />I have represented my social group through the use of mise-en-scene. This social group cares about their appearance and how everyone perceives them so I wanted to portray a model/artist that they are like so they can connect with her. I used a model that was the same age as my social group/target audience so it represents them and clearly shows the magazine is aimed at them. Her clothes are similar to what the social wear so again it represents them. The props I used in my magazine was a guitar this represents my social group because most of them will be artists themselves as they are buying a magazine. This may make them more inclined to buy the magazine.<br />The social group ‘Townies’ like to put up an attitude that they are important therefore I used a low camera angle which makes the model look empowered and important. This will attract my target audience because they may aspire to be like her and want to read about her.<br />40608259652000<br />-6354635500<br />The location I used was my back garden. For my photo shoot I used a brick wall, I think this represents my social group because ‘Townies’ are urban and a brick wall represents this. This will attract them because it is different.<br />A magazine which uses a similar style is ‘Q’. This magazine has used images of a band which represents the social group they are aiming at. This will draw in that social group. The use of language used also represents the social group they are aiming at because it is informal, which the social group can relate to. The use of font shows it is aimed at a young social group because it is in bold capital letters making it look informal and fun. The band ‘Razorlight’ is aimed at townies and the use of the image making them look empowered something townies want to be like.<br />1215390508000 <br />