Best practices for Your Payvment Store - Facebook Timeline Pages


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Best practices for Your Payvment Store - Facebook Timeline Pages

  1. 1. Facebook Timeline Pages:Best Practices For Your Store
  2. 2. What is Timeline for Pages?Facebook Timeline is the new layout for Facebook pages that visitorswill see when they land on your page.This is a significant change for you and your page – and will changethe way your Payvment storefront appears on your page and howyou use your page to merchandise your products.
  3. 3. Add a Cover Photo  Promote your brand with a high resolution, large cover photo  Size 851px wide by 315px tall  Facebook’s Cover Photo guidelines can be found here: e_guidelines.php
  4. 4. Increase Visibility of Your Store  Application tabs are now displayed as much larger icons below your cover photo.  Size increase 111px x 74px  Timeline only displays your first 3 tabs.  Make the Payvment application one of your top 3 apps to increase visibility to your store.  You can reorder your apps by expanding them, hovering over your Payvment app, and clicking the pencil icon to choose the app you want Payvment to swap positions with.
  5. 5. Add a Direct Link to Your Store  Default landing tabs are no longer available.  Add a short url that links directly to your storefront in your page’s “About” section.
  6. 6. Pin & Highlight  Any story on your timeline can be Pinned to the top of the Timeline for up to 7 days at a time.  When you promote a product, deal, or poll pin and highlight it to make it more prominent  To pin a post click the pencil icon on a post  To highlight a post click the star icon on a post
  7. 7. Larger Storefront SizeAll your profile information that used to be on the left of the page is nowat the top, allowing us to deliver a 810 pixel wide experience. If you preview the new business pages, you’ll see that our currentstorefront is working just fine, but is not yet taking full advantage of theincreased width.
  8. 8. Increase EngagementStore discovery is all about posting fresh content to your timeline tointeract with your customers. Focus on the IQ boosters in theDashboard to help you increase engagement on your Timeline.
  9. 9. Preview TimelineYou can preview how it will look here: is a mandatory switchover to this new page format on March 30thThese are big changes to your page, but we’ve been taking steps to prepare forthis.