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  1. 1. VALLEY TEEN RANCH Amy Gaines Agency Analysis 180 Fall 2013
  2. 2. Mission To assist vulnerable young people and their families in rebuilding their lives through caring relationships and opportunities to grow mentally, physically, socially and spiritually by living in a safe and healthy home. Services Group Home Residential Treatment facility for teenage males in rural Madera County . Residents are referred by the county probation departments throughout the state. Foster Care They recruit, train, certify, and supervise foster care homes for ages 0-19. Adoption Providing permanency for foster children into forever family . They provide assist to foster parents in the adoption process. Transitional Living Home provides services for four boys, ages 18-24, who have aged out of the group home or foster care system and are homeless. Requires them to have a job, further their education, and begin to learn the basics of caring for themselves in a healthy and drug free environment.
  3. 3. California Foster Youth Stats Age Group Total Child Population In Care Prevalence per 1,000 Children Under 1 523,907 3,794 7.2 1-2 1,019,944 7,817 7.7 3-5 1,489,879 9,177 6.2 6-10 2,513,395 12,315 4.9 11-15 2,531,465 13,002 5.1 16-17 1,071,959 7,227 6.7 Total 9,150,549 53,332 5.8 http://cssr.berkeley. edu/ucb_childwelfar e/InCareRates.aspx
  4. 4. Valley Teen Ranch serves hard to place foster youth in California Group Home Clients Males come from the Juvenile Court Systems though out California They are transferred by agency car directly from juvenile detection centers. The group home clients have interaction with a local community school district, church, demist, and doctor. They also are in contact with their county origin's Juvenile Justice Court and probation office. Foster Children Children are usually from Madera and Fresno Counties. The children could be difficult to place due to mental/physical condition , family size, or extended time in the foster care system. Transportation is made by the referring county or receiving foster parent Agency provides extended support and education to the Foster Parents in order to support the needs of these children.
  5. 5. Board of Directors Mike Zachry, President has a BA in Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University, and is a member of the Fresno Rotary. Bonnie Brock, RN, BSN, Vice-President has a BS in Nursing From CSU Fresno, and is an Informatics Nurse at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital. Jonica Starr, Secretary has a BA in Fine Art from CSU Fresno, and works in Accounts Receivable . Treasurer is a CPA and partner with Daniel, Towle and Warkentine, and on the Fresno Pacific University Board of Trustees and Fresno Pacific University Foundation Board of Directors. Phil Setrakian is a Personal Injury Attorney, and Criminal Defense Donna Callahan has a BS in Child Development and MSW from CSU Fresno, and a PhD in Human Services from Capella University. She is a Social Work Department professor as well as Program Director at Fresno Pacific University.
  6. 6. Agency Positions Chief Executive Officer Fresno Office Finance Coordinator Human Resource Coordinator, Development Coordinator Social Work Supervisor Foster Family and Adoption Agency Social Worker for Foster Family and Adoption Madera Ranch Social worker Ranch Program Coordinator Lead Supervisor House of each house Child care worker Awake night staff
  7. 7. Valley Teen Ranch employs many workers that have the heart of a Social Worker They are truly invested in helping the children become empowered adults by providing routes to education along with physical and mental health. The staff teaches open communication , respect for individual differences, and self termination clients; Points and Discipline at the Ranch Boys are on a points system that range from 0-3 and have seven different categories that are totaled twice a day. Any score below 14 results in lost privileges and a 0 in one of any area can result in chore hours assigned. All scores above 14 are rewarded with extra privileges including video games and later bedtimes. Boys also has levels: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Trans. Levels determine choice in chores, allowance amount, bedtime, serving order at the table, and outing privileges.
  8. 8. International Agency Fostering Kids PO Box 30188 Lower Hutt 5040, New Zealand Fostering Kids offers education and support to both foster children and foster parents The agency offers support groups, local associations, and a hotline number for support They offer legal support for foster parents under allegations Their website offers a way for foster parents to give and get support from each other And many online resources as listed below Access by birth parents | ADHD | Aging out | Allowance rates | Attachment Disorders | Autism | Babies with addictions | Behaving “badly” | Behaviour trigger – holidays | Biological siblings | Books | CYF Practice Policies | Fetal Alcohol Syndrome | Fostering teenagers | Gay couples | Group family homes | School holiday camps | IRD Tax credits | Life Books | Male foster carer support | Mentoring kids | Positive discipline | Shame & guilt | Sudden Infant Death Syndrome | Transitioning between placements | Web links