Market access the challenges for medical devices


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With increased incidences of reimbursement rejections by payers and a growing usage of pricing and reimbursement tools market access is becoming increasingly restricted…

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Market access the challenges for medical devices

  1. 1. PARIOFORMA Market Access for Medical Devices and Diagnostics is hampered by national differences in coding as well as globally diverse coverage and payment mechanisms. Furthermore, great variations exist in the DRG systems in the countries that have implemented these classification methods - depending on each country’s health system structure, payment methods and availability of information. Such factors can have a resultant impact on sales.The role of medical devices in healthcare is essential – but the $300 billion medical device industry ishighly regulated and market access is becoming increasingly restricted… The process for gaining reimbursement is now characterized by a health technology assessment (HTA) approach whereby payer organizations evaluate new technologies on the basis of their clinical value, cost-effectiveness and other health economic factors. Manufacturers now face unique informational and evidentiary demands to demonstrate comparative value. Payer access is most critical – therefore, the sooner Market Access is at the table, the more likely successful reimbursement and coverage strategies are to be realized. Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  2. 2. Case Study:A global medical device manufacturer contacted us to undertake a pre-launch PARIOFORMAenvironment mapping exercise in Hungary and other selected emerging markets.Key findings: Changing decision-makers – physician power is eroding. Multiple buyers – all with different priorities and differing views about your device, adding complexity to the purchasing process. Rise of new influencers – payer organisations and health technology assessment agencies are becoming gatekeepers. Pricing pressure – intense pressure to contain costs and work within pre-defined budgets. Stakeholder fragmentation – a broadened range of market access stakeholders. Emerging markets are complex and evolving environments – political and economic transition has resulted in many changes in the healthcare environment of these countries. Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  3. 3. Plan ahead and start early in the product lifecycle: Every market is different – environment mapping is key to helping manufacturers understand the complex reimbursement, coverage and decision making landscape. PARIOFORMA Studies need not be in-depth, early directional work can guide strategy development, help build early value messages and save time and money by ensuring that any future large global study asks the right questions and is not overly complicated.We can help you:We specialise in environment mapping - quickly and affordably - in particular, payer research. With anetwork of over 500 payer specialists worldwide - our scope is global and we have the resources andexperience to tailor our services to meet your needs… For further information, or to discuss your Market Access requirements, contact us now on +44 (0) 207 225 3538 or email Charles Rowlands at: