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Healthcare policy & market access in russia


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Healthcare policy & market access in russia

  1. 1. PARIOFORMA An international pharmaceutical company commissioned Parioforma to design and implement a primary research programme to “unravel” healthcare policy making, decision making and market access issues related to innovative oncology products in Russia. The project sponsor was keen to better understand how to interact with the Russian Ministry of Health (MoH) with regard to the various policy changes that have impacted on foreign pharmaceutical companies and inclusion of their products on reimbursement lists at federal and regional levels. Client objectives ◦ Understand how the Russian Ministries responsible for healthcare policy making are configured and how they work in relation to reimbursement of innovative products:  Interaction between MoH and Roszdravnadozor relevant to market access issues  Creation and management of Essential Drugs List  Therapeutic committees and sub-committees  External influences – e.g. State Duma Health Committee, cancer institutes, patient advocate groups, etc  Regional and municipal reimbursement influences and budget setting ◦ Map out the decision making process, key influencers and decision makers at the various levels ◦ Understand the impact of future Russian healthcare provision reforms on market access requirements for oncology products:  Federal reimbursement program (DLO)  National Healthcare Project  Pharma 2020 Programme of work ◦ Interviews with key healthcare influencers, committee members (clinicians) and MoH officials at both federal and regional levels were conducted to confirm and validate specific roles and responsibilities as well as to identify access challenges and opportunities affecting oncology products in Russia. Value ◦ The results of the project allowed the client to gain strategic insight into the current healthcare policy environment as well as to understand the impact of future reforms for international companies wishing to gain market access and reimbursement on the Russian market for innovative oncology products. For further information, or to discuss your market access, pricing and reimbursement intelligence requirements, contact Charles Rowlands on: +44 (0) 207 225 3538 Parioforma Ltd – 55 Prices Gate – Exhibition Road – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom 1