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U learn wikispaces 2012


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U learn wikispaces 2012

  1. 1. The Wiki-inspired Classroom: Amy McCauley Email: Twitter: @AmyMMcCauley Blog: Wiki:
  2. 2. Learning Outcomes:Define WikispacesExamples of classroom useHow to set-up your classroom wikiUseful tools for using in WikispacesOther uses (e.g. planning)
  3. 3. The Read-Only WebPowerful resource for educators andstudents but...Information moves from publishers toconsumersInformation cannot be addedThe One-Way WebWeb 1.0
  4. 4. The Read/ Write WebIt is now as easy to create as it is toconsumeAnyone can publish, share and changeinformationTwo-Way WebWeb 2.0This is our changing world!
  5. 5. Wiki’sWebsites anyone can editIf you use a word processor, you can use awikiVisitors can see a history of changes andrevert to earlier versionsVisitors can discuss the page in a threadedforum
  6. 6. Defining Wikispaces
  7. 7. Wiki Vs. Blog
  8. 8. Examples of Classroom Use Think about what purpose your wiki will serve in your classroom... The WHY... We will look at some examples of how to use wiki’s in the classroom Examplary+Wikispaces
  9. 9. Centralising Online LearningWithin yourclassroom wiki,you may wantto have youronline resourcesin one place.
  10. 10. Sharing LearningStudents can have their own spaces to share theirlearning.They can either have their own wiki or a page withinthe class wiki
  11. 11. Sharing Learning Student pages within the class wiki Students come under the umbrella of your class wiki. They create pages within their wiki Students can easily navigate between each others wiki’s, including using the comment feature to comment on each others work.
  12. 12. Sharing LearningStudent pages within the class wiki
  13. 13. Sharing Learning Students own Wiki Students have their own Wikispace Create links from your class wiki to student pages Students have greater control over their space Teacher is the organiser, students are members
  14. 14. Sharing Learning Students own Wiki
  15. 15. Sharing LearningOrganiser vs Member
  16. 16. Communicating Between Home Put all your newsletters, timetables and letters home on your wiki
  17. 17. Opportunities for Reflection Students can reflect on their learning My students film some lessons and reflect on what they learned, then upload this to their wiki Students (& parents) can also look back at resources used in class
  18. 18. Opportunities for Reflection BloggingA blog format can be embed in the wikiMy students use this as a reflection tool
  19. 19. How to set up your class wiki Set-up Wiki Account Play! Setting Up Classroom Set-up
  20. 20. How to...VideosLook at the how to videos
  21. 21. Specific Tools in The ClassroomCommentsMonitoring StudentsTagsRSS Feed
  22. 22. Thank you!