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Today’s marketing challenge is to improve ROI by saving investments and increasing return. Marketing professionals are using advanced market research and a rapidly increasing range of support systems for enhanced budgeting, planning, and decision making. Meanwhile Social Media are proliferating, and massive data flows are containing huge amounts of valuable, yet under-utilized marketing data. The launch of BuzzTalk1 might change this quite rapidly.

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Showcase buzztalk

  1. 1. Byelex ShowcaseBuzzTalk Client Byelex B.V. TechnologyA revolutionary shift in the way market monitoring is done JAVA, Oracle, GlassFish, PostGreSQL,A Compelling Perspective FusionCharts Delivery 2010 - 2011Facing today’s marketing challengeToday’s marketing challenge is to improve ROI bysaving investments and increasing return. Marketing Marketing management support functionsprofessionals are using advanced market research and a According to Asur and Huberman2 social media contentrapidly increasing range of support systems for enhanced can be used to predict real-world outcomes. In particular,budgeting, planning, and decision making. Meanwhile they use the chatter from to forecast box-officeSocial Media are proliferating, and massive data flows are revenues for movies. A simple model built from the ratecontaining huge amounts of valuable, yet under-utilized at which tweets are created about particular topics canmarketing data. The launch of BuzzTalk1 might change outperform market-based predictors. And sentimentsthis quite rapidly. extracted from Twitter can be utilized to further improve the forecasting power of social media.BuzzTalk gives unprecedented access to unstructured, BuzzTalk is perfectly suited for monitoring and analyzingtextual data, providing new market information to support tweets, blogs and news sites, and for picking, choosing,decision making. BuzzTalk offers a revolutionary shift in the enhancing and presenting relevant information. Forway market monitoring and analysis is done, enabling new example it will easily:ways to facing today’s marketing challenge. • Identify new trends; • Detect hypes and spikes; • Monitor and analyse the reputations of people,1 companies and brands. It will do so in minutes. What it does “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next” said Jonas Salk, discoverer of the polio vaccine. From this perspective BuzzTalk not only will tell the marketing professional where to look next, it subsequently also supports her in doing so.Spike detection 2  Sitaram Asur, Bernardo A. Huberman (2010) Predicting the Future with Social Media, Technology used in this application
  2. 2. Byelex ShowcaseBuzzTalkA revolutionary shift in the way market monitoring is doneHow it works Each document is cleaned and translated into English.BuzzTalk can generate reports that are based on a whole Then the sentiment is determined through OpenDover, thespectrum of user defined searches. These reports provide most powerful sentiment analysis tool currently available.information and analyses of the online publications and If possible the subject domain is also detected. Currentlysocial communications on the Internet about the specified OpenDover supports 26 domains including: Politics,search topics. Disaster, Ecology, Economics, Finance, Business, Health,BuzzTalk is currently mining 16,000 feeds worldwide, and a range of products, including Health Insurance,mainly in the United States (over 7,000 feeds), The Medical Care, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Beverage, AudioNetherlands (5,000 feeds), United Kingdom (1,000 feeds), Players, Cars, Computers, Phones and Software.Belgium (700 feeds), and Canada (500 feeds). After an article has been sentiment tagged it is sent to OpenCalais, the largest fact tagging engine on the web. Influencers dynamic top 50This engine searches the article for facts within 36 groups BuzzTalk then generates reports such as:such as: Industry Term, Organization, Company, Market • Overall buzz within reported period for the selectedIndex, Person, Country, Region, City, Political Event, Sports search term(s): with a breakdown of the total numberEvent, Technology, Operating System, Programming of documents into Positive, Negative, and Neutral.Language, Published Medium, Medical Treatment, and • Tag analysis: BuzzTalk reports in which tag groups theMusic Album. It tags those facts and returns the results. selected search term is most frequently mentioned. The top 3 of these groups are broken down to the most frequently used tags within the group. • Top 25 most active sources for the selected search term(s).
  3. 3. Byelex ShowcaseBuzzTalkA revolutionary shift in the way market monitoring is doneBuzzTalk technology OpenDoverThree types of data sources BuzzTalk contains a unique combination of OpenDover3BuzzTalk collects all text documents from 16,000 of the (the best Sentiment Tagging Engine) and OpenCalais4most active websites around the globe, 2/3 are news sites (the best Fact Tagging Engine).and 1/3 are blog sites. The authors of these documents are OpenDover is a sophisticated web service that allowsmainly journalists and opinion leaders respectively. The the professional to extract semantic features withintotal number of monitored websites will grow to 43,000 in blogs, content management systems, websites, tweets orthe near future. These data sources are complemented by applications.Twitter, through which consumers express their opinions. OpenDover uses semantic technologies for sentiment tagging texts, including:Opinion mining and sentiment analysis • A unique knowledge base of opinion words, domain-BuzzTalk applies a division of opinion words into ordered related words and intensifiers extracted from hundredscategories, expressing: of thousands of opinion-related texts;• a Personal emotional state: happy, delighted, sad, • Diverse expressions of opinion words and phrases: angry; adjectives, nouns, verbs (both explicit and implicit);• Appreciation: flexible, efficient, stable, ideal, highest; • Automatic recognition of context dependent and• Judgement: active, decisive, caring, intelligent. context independent opinion words.This division is one of BuzzTalk’s cornerstones for opinionmining and sentiment analysis. OpenCalais Calais is a rapidly growing toolkit of capabilities powered by Thomson Reuters. It allows BuzzTalk to readily incorporate state-of-the-art semantic functionality within blogs, content management systems, websites or applications. The OpenCalais Web Service automatically creates rich semantic information about the content BuzzTalk submits – in well under a second. Using natural language processing, machine learning and other methods, CalaisLanguage independent analyzes a document and finds the entities within it. But, Calais goes well beyond classic entity identification and returns the facts and events hidden within the text as well. The tags are delivered to BuzzTalk, which then incorporates them into its analyses and reports. 3 4
  4. 4. Byelex ShowcaseBuzzTalkA revolutionary shift in the way market monitoring is doneInformation enhancement and decision Other areas where this is true include:support - conclusions • Politics (policy making, campaigning, debating);Information enhancement involves taking data in their • Financial services: banking (risk management), fundraw form, removing as much noise and redundancy as management (pension, trust funds, hedge funds).possible, and bringing out a core that’s ready for further Behavioural economics tells us that emotions canprocessing. This basic function of BuzzTalk, performed profoundly affect individual behaviour and decision-on facts, opinions and sentiment, makes it particularly making. Recent research results indicate that the accuracysuited for supporting the marketing function. For, next to of Dow Jones Industrial Average index predictions can befacts and figures, opinions and sentiment in the market are significantly improved by the inclusion of specific publicof vital importance for decision making by the marketing mood dimensions5 . We are currently investigating what roleprofessional - at the strategic, tactical and operational BuzzTalk should play in this respect.levels. BuzzTalk could also add a new dimension to news services by providing: • Journalists with supporting evidence for interpretation; • Editors with identification and in-depth analyses of the key issues in current affairs; • Both with finding hot areas of interest at an early stage. Our conclusion: BuzzTalk has the potential of rapidly becoming a valuable tool for decision makers and professionals in a wide range of industries, providing them with an advantage overStock exchange information competition. 5  Johan Bollen, Huina Mao, Xiao-Jun Zeng (2010) Twitter mood predicts the stock market, www.picopoint.comT: +31 (0)165 - 33 22 44 T: +31 (0)165 - 33 22 44 T: +31 (0)165 - 33 22 46F: +31 (0)165 - 33 22 49 F: +31 (0)165 - 33 22 49 F: +31 (0)165 - 33 22 49 Byelex Multimedia Products B.V., Argon 1, 4751 XC Oud Gastel Contact information