www.tibetanjewelry1.com Antique Tibetan store


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www.tibetanjewelry1.com is an online retail & wholesale store specializing in handmade Tibetan jewelry and Tibetan artworks.

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www.tibetanjewelry1.com Antique Tibetan store

  1. 1. www.tibetanjewelry1.com Antique Tibetan storeRecently, I have some interest in study something about house.Let’s look at the difference between sitting room and livingroom. (If you want to buy furniture, please click Tibetan FashionJewelry§ online)Tibetan people attaches great importance to cultural and artisticquality and are very good at putting animals, plants in life andideal mascot for motifs in jewelry evolvement. Moreoutstandingly, religious culture gives motifs strongly influencedand conferring religious values to jewelry.In foreign countries, outside the bedroom, a space just like theliving room, is called living room, this is a space for familycentralized activities. It open to foreign guest, in our country,
  2. 2. people called sitting room also called living room (because thehouse in China is common small ), so at home, says the sittingroom for living room that too usual.The concept of living room where may have antique mila§, antiqueTibetan mirrors, cheap handcraft jewelry§, chains Tibet and gou boxinside in china, it seems to be still not very popular and it wasmore acceptable that is a sitting room this statement, sittingroom not surpisingly, is used to describe guset’s dinner room,this is originated from china tradition culture. It is quiteimportant abut the communication surrounding , living roomoccupied a very important position, one to satisfy all visit’sdemand,creat appliance as conventient as possible, on the otherhand, as a family diplomatic place, it is used to show a family’spublic image and bearing. So neat and grave, atmospheric and
  3. 3. generous is its main pursuit.In western contries, Chritmas Day is the most festival. However,To Chinese, Spring Festival is the most important festival of all.However, in China, there are many kinds of holidays andfestivals. These holidays and festivals can be simply classifiedby their time of celebration, The Gregorian calendar or the lunarcalendar. Tibetan braceletsThere are four main holidays which are celebrated in Gregorianmonths. They are International Women’s Day on March Eighth,International Children’s Day on July First, International LaborDay on May first, and National Day on October First. DuringLabor Day and National Day, people enjoy a week’s holiday,namely, the “Golden week”. Today, holidays which arecelebrated in Gregorian calendar by western countries are alsobecoming more popular with the Chinese new generation, suchas Christmas Valentin’s Day, and Halloween. These interestingholidays make life much colorful.On the other hand, there are also many Chinese traditional
  4. 4. festivals which are celebrated in the lunar calendar. Forexample, Spring Festival is celebrated at the beginning of thelunar new year, Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on May Fifthof the Chinese calendar, Mid-Autumn festival is on AugustFifteenth of the Chinese calendar.Tibetan bangles§Each of thesetraditional festivals conveys people’s pristine wish and specialmodest love. Through these festivals, people can obtain a smallviewpoint of Chinese traditional culture and spirits.As mentioned above, Spring Festival is the most importantholiday of all for Chinese. Of course, there are many interestingthings to talk about in Spring Festival actually. Delicious food,reunion, firecracker, and new clothes play important roles inSpring Festival. Children can also get red packets where moneyis placed inside red envelopes in denominations consideredauspicious and given to represent luck and wealth. These allreflect the spirit of Chinese culture very well.No matter when Chinese holidays or festivals are celebrated,they are special time scales of a year. Chinese really like thembecause these special time scales make plain daily life becomemore enjoyable, and bring busy lives color and happy feelings.