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The Power of the Content Calendar


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Entrepreneur, Funnel Expert, Bizdev advisor. Los Silva formerly co-founded and now is known for designing profitable direct response sales funnels and business development pipelines. Los consults with venture backed startups to scale revenue quickly. He has worked with larger corporations like Disney, and companies doing over $50 million a year in sales, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and also with internet insiders like Ryan Deiss and Kent Clothier. Los is co­founder of Build Grow Scale with Tanner Larsson and has helped his clients earn millions of dollars from their campaigns..

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The Power of the Content Calendar

  1. 1. The Power of the Content Calendar
  2. 2. You know that your social media marketing plan is fueled by high- quality content. You’ve done your due diligence in hiring stellar writers, and you’re paying them well. Without a dynamic content calendar, however, you could still fail. Your content calendar should comprise: A calendar component. Google Calendar, 30 Boxes or similar. This is where you mark deadlines, process reviews, meetings, etc. A note-gathering component. Evernote or Microsoft OneNote are good candidates. Create notebooks for each topic you cover. Create a notebook for individual writers, editors, etc. Social media channel component. List your social media channels and periodically review your performance on each. Track metrics such as followers, retweets, repins, etc. You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Docs to track metrics and generate charts. Use Evernote or OneNote to keep notes on each social network. Content scouting component. Feedly and BuzzSumo are great for this. Find existing viral content in your niche and analyze it. Create a dedicated notebook for this. For More Information: content-calendar/