STEM Storytime Extenders


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This slideshow accompanies a talk at the Preschool Services Discussion Group meeting at the 2013 ALA Annual Conference.

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STEM Storytime Extenders

  1. 1. STEMStorytimeExtendersAmy KoesterPreschool Services Discussion Group2013 ALA Annual Conference
  2. 2. Why do STEM with preschoolers?STEM activities…• promote early literacy skillsdevelopment• engage children’s natural curiosity• exercise fine motor skills• are FUN
  3. 3. STEM Activities in Place of a Craft• Build something useful—it’sengineering while still feeling like acraft• Set out STEM tools for kids toexplore
  4. 4. Have a science table for free playMagnifying glasses and specimens, magnet wands and magnetic objects,and a balance scale with objects to weigh make for great hands-on STEMexploration.
  5. 5. STEM Activities as the Main Event• Build a story time around a STEMconcept• Spend at least half the programengaged in hands-on experimentsand activities
  6. 6. Offer hands-on experiments for concept learningThere are a plethora of ideas for preschool-friendly STEM experimentsand activities in your non-fiction collection (start with Janice Vancleave’stitles), on teacher and librarian blogs, and on Pinterest.
  7. 7. STEM Activities To Go• Take-home STEM activity sheets• “Make it, Take it” stations with STEMprojects
  8. 8. Invite families to do STEM at home.Write up STEM activity instructions on a handout, or prep basic suppliesto distribute in brown paper bags. Make it easy for caregivers to do STEMwith their kids at home.
  9. 9. Links to more ideas and