Weather 28th end


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Weather 28th end

  1. 1. Thursday, April 28thPredicted Weather: High- 48* Low- 35* Rain- day- 0.18 night- 0.14 Weather: High- 46* Low- 37* Rain- 0.06 Cumulus clouds, some rain. Taken by Amy NelsonFriday, April 29thPredicted Weather: High- 50* Low- 34* Rain. .07 Weather: High- 57* Low- 35* Rain- 0.00 in. Cumulus clouds some nice weather, some rain Taken by Amy Nelson
  2. 2. Saturday, April 30thPredicted Weather: High- 53* Low- 32* Rain- 0.00 Weather: High- 57* Low- 33* Rain- 0.00 in. Cumulus humilis Nice weatherThe weather in the month of April was a lot more rainythan other years. Most days started out rainy and ended upwith nicer weather and not as overcast. A lot of mypictures were taken towards the evening, when the rainclouds had cleared.