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V2 Media Kit

  1. 1. com·pos·ite(kəm-pŏz´ǐt)n. A complex aggregate of distinct components,the union of which strengthens the individualproperties of each. V2 , we unite At vision and versatility to deliver high-performance composite solutions backed by unparalleled service, expertise and innovation, with an unwavering commitment to quality.our VisionT he f o und ers of V2 set out to make the benefits of compositereinforcements available for use in a wider range of applications.By developing new construction technology and improved manufacturingprocesses, V2 provides cost-effective, custom-tailored compositereinforcement solutions that offer greater strength and flexibilitythan traditional engineering and construction materials.our VersatilityIf you can imagine it, we can help you do it. V2 is committedto making superior composite solutions possible for a broadrange of traditional and emerging end-use applications.From bridges to buildings, airplanes to boats, windblades to containment facilities, V2 opens thedoor to better design, stronger construction, andeconomical maintenance of products andstructures all over the world.
  2. 2. Making i t PossibleOver the past decade, advanced composite technology has quickly evolved to allow versatile, cost-effectivecomposite solutions to be adopted for use in an ever-increasing variety of applications. V2 offers a full range ofproducts and services, working closely with customers and engineers to provide composite solutions that bestsuit the unique requirements of each project. skillful ingenuityV2’s “Knowledge Composite” of architectural, engineering and manufacturing expertise comprises our team.The culmination of these disciplines strengthens our ability to deliver the benefits of this advanced technologyto our customers. Our talented team acts as an extension of your organization as a strategic partner, employinga consultative approach to product design and manufacturing.At the V2 Industrial Park in Auburn, Alabama, our manufacturing facility houses state-of-the-art electronicand mechanical technology to design, manufacture and verify an array of high-performance compositesolutions. Our company credo, “It Can Be Done,” gives voice to the spirit of a team devoted to serving the needsand realizing the imagination of our customers. Quality2At V2, only the highest quality is acceptable. An ISO-certified company, V2 fosters a culture of continuousimprovement to ensure that our products - and services - exceed your expectations. At V2, total customersatisfaction is our only measure of success!This commitment to quality allows us to stay on the cutting edge of design and development, to providethe level of customer services that sets us apart, and to extend superior, cost-effective composite solutionsinto traditional and emerging markets. V2 Composites, Inc. s 334.502.3000 (p) s 334.502.3088 (f) s www.V2composites.com
  3. 3. High-Performance Structural Efficiency V2’s non-crimp fabrics provide maximum fiber strength while maintaining a fabric’s structural integrity since fibers are not crimped or stressed as they are in conventionally woven fabrics. The stitch-bonded, multi-axial construction of V2’s non-crimp fabrics prevents the degrada- tion of fiber strength that occurs with con- V2’s Custom-Tailored ventional woven fabrics.Composite Reinforcements: Straight line construc- tion promotes optimal physical properties of• Stronger, structurally efficient fibers (tensile strength, compression and modulus), maintains the fabrics fabric’s structural integrity, preserves its mechanical qualities (such as drape or stiffness), reduces lay-up time (faster wet-out)• Non-crimp construction and cost (higher fiber volumes). improves mechanical properties Rather than interlacing reinforcement• Custom stitch configuration yarns, non-crimped fibers are controls drape and density layered on top of each other. Multiaxial layers, which are• Long-term fatigue resistance configured to accommodate each customer’s unique struc-• Outstanding flexural strength tural requirements at angles of 0, 90, +45, and -45 degrees, are then “locked” in place by a stitch matrix.• Greater impact resistance Contact your V2 representative today to enjoy• High stiffness-to-thickness ratio the benefits of advanced composites technology with V2’s custom• High fiber volume 770 Lee Road 191 designed reinforcement Aubu rn, AL 36830 products.• Predictable laminate properties 334.502.3000 w w w. V 2 c o m p o s i t e s . c o m
  4. 4. Custom-Tailored Reinforcement Fabrics At V2, we design and manufacture superior composite reinforcement solutions tailored to the unique needs of each individual customer. Our non-crimp fabrics are used in a variety of traditional and emerging composites applications. V2’s fabrics are crafted from a variety of fiber types, including fiberglass, carbon and aramid. Whether constructed of a single fiber type or a hybrid blend of fibers, each fabric is designed toWith V2’s Composite address the mechanical and economic requirements of its intendedReinforcement Fabrics use. Varied fiber types and weights can be blended within an individual layer, and can also be combined with mats or veils. This significantly expands the range of properties that can be achieved with a more cost-effective composite solution. • Aerospace Glass (E, A, C and S) • Architecture • High tensile strength and modulus • Blast mitigation • Minimal elongation • Moisture resistance • Construction • Economic cost-to- • Marine weight ratio Carbon • Military/Defense • Highest modulus and • Sporting goods strength of all reinforcing fibers • Greatest stiffness-to-weight ratio • Seismic • Typically used for high-performance applications retrofit Aramid • Structural • High tensile strength-to-weight ratio rehabilitation • High strength and modulus 770 Lee Road 191 • Transportation • Damage tolerant Aubu rn, AL 36830 • And more 334.502.3000 w w w. V 2 c o m p o s i t e s . c o m
  5. 5. Lightweight Unidirectional Premium Reinforcement Fabric V-Web® provides superior reinforcement in a lightweight, cost-effective unidirectional fabric. Through cutting-edge, proprietary technology, V2 optimizes the use ofSuperior Performance, reinforcement fibers, thereby reducing the weight and cost of this Lightweight Premium functionally superior reinforcement fabric.Reinforcement Fabric V-Web reinforcement solutions are custom-engineered to address the unique requirements of each application and are available with fiberglass, carbon, aramid, and other continuous fiber. V-Web offers all of the benefits of premium structural reinforce- ments in a lighter-weight, easier-to-handle unidirectional fabric. • Blast-hardening V-Web is: • Military/defense • Lightweight • Aerospace With a variety of custom aerial weights and widths • Automotive • Cost-Effective Optimized fiber placement allows more efficient usage of ex- • Wind energy pensive materials • Structural • Easier to pattern-cut and handle reinforcement Makes cutting, positioning, lamination, or impregnation pro- • Sports and cesses more efficient recreation • Longer shelf life • Marine Reduces costly materials waste • Transportation
  6. 6. V2’s patented V-Lock® stitch technology propels composite reinforcement fabrics to the next level with high-performance fabrics that don’t unravel. V-Lock Competition V-Lock is a breakthrough “no-run” system that prevents frayed edges, running stitches and deconstruction, making non-crimp multiaxial fabrics more stable. With traditional stitch matrices, laminators are often frustrated during lay-up by entangled stitches, frayed edges, and fabrics that fall apart when cut into complex shapes. V-Lock prevents these prob- lems with its proprietary thermal coupling , which welds ascending stitches to- gether on the loop side of the fabric during manufacturing. V-Lock’s polyester stitch me- dium eliminates contamination or off-gassing during lamination. And since fabrics can be bonded with a looser stitch, the V-Lock matrix en- courages resin flow and prevents “dry spots” during lamination. High-performance non-crimp fabrics with V-Lock allow customers to: • Significantly reduce fabric waste • Expedite fabrication processes • Extend the longevity of pre-cut dry reinforcement materials Contact V2 today to request a sample and learn more about V-Lock.770 Lee Road 191 • Auburn, Alabama 36830334.502.3000 • V2composites.com
  7. 7. The Pultruders Advantage Multiaxial Reinforcement ArchitectureCustom FabricArchitectureV2’s reinforcement fabrics, whichare custom-engineered to meetyour unique requirements, providesignificant advantages to pultruders:• Improve mechanical properties in the off axis (90/+45/-45)• Custom roll sizes for longer runs increase efficiency in the pultruder’s process• Width control minimizes distortion• Fabrics reduce single end roving creel package count• Fabrics can be constructed from glass, aramid, carbon, or any combination thereofV-LockThis patented stitch technology boosts the structural integrity of multiaxial fabrics. V-Lockreinforcements are more stable and prevent problems commonly encountered with other types ofreinforcement fabrics, such as unravelling, frayed edges, running stitches and deconstruction. V-Lock’sadvantages to pultruders include:• High fabric stability for pull through• Ability to run small tapes with no fraying• High Integrity for off-line slitting• Expedited fabrication processesV2’s Knowledge CompositeThe multidisciplinary team at V2 brings architectural, engineering and manufacturing expertiseto you with unparalleled customer service and quality. Our talented team will consult withyou to develop the solution that addresses your unique needs, and as an ISO-certifiedcompany, only the highest level of quality is acceptable. 770 Lee Road 191At V2, your satisfaction is our only measure of success! Auburn, AL 36830 334. 5 0 2 .3 0 0 0 w w w. V 2 c o m p o s i t e s . c o m
  8. 8. CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION V2 Composites, Inc. 770 Lee Road 191, Auburn, Alabama 36830 complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems - Requirements for the following capability The Registration Covers the Quality Management System for the Design and Manufacturing of Composite Reinforcement Fabrics for the Plastics Industry and other Technical Applications. Registered by:SAI Global Certification Services Pty Ltd (ACN 108 716 669) 286 Sussex Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia with SAI Global Inc. (“SAI Global”)and subject to the SAI Global Terms and Conditions for Certification. While all due care and skill was exercised in carrying out this assessment, SAI Global accepts responsibility only for proven negligence. This certificate remains the property of SAI Global and must be returned to SAI Global upon its request. Certificate No.: QEC15779 Certified Date: 18 March 1998 Issue Date: 31 October 2006 Expiry Date: 31 October 2009 Alex Ezrakhovich Carl F. Blazik General Manager Certification Authorised Local Signatory for and on behalf of for and on behalf of SAI Global SAI Global To verify that this certificate is current please refer to the SAI Global On-Line Certification Register: http://register.sai-global.com
  9. 9. For information contact: Jodi Harper (334) 502-3000 jharper@v2composites.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEV2 Composites, Inc. Introduces V-Lock® No-Run Stitch TechnologyAuburn, AL V2 Composites, Inc., an innovative, Alabama-based manufacturer specializing in the design and fabrication of customknit matrix reinforcement fabric solutions, recently introduced a patented non-run stitch technology that significantly reduces runsin non-crimp multi-axial fabrics. Advanced composite design solutions are used in place of metals, alloys, wood, concrete, and otherconventional construction materials to rehabilitate aging infrastructures and to improve product performance in a number ofindustrial applications.According to Kevin Horne, President & CEO, “We closely examined our markets, searching for specific areas of product weakness.One of the recurring concerns for customers of composite reinforcements has been the instability of the stitch matrix that holds thereinforcement fibers in place. Existing warp/weft knit stitching technology was just not adequate for holding the fabric matrixtogether when cut into complex shapes.”Horne explains, “During fabric/resin lay-up, when a stitch line is disturbed or fractured by a roller or brush, the stitch yarn canbecome caught and may very easily run out of the fabric.” This problem is similarly observed in woven fabrics, which tend to fallapart at the edges when cut into complex shapes. Horne continues, “The problem has been frequently reported and is very annoyingto customers. You can imagine laminate workers trying to cut these yarns or strings (as they are called) with resin-gummed scissors.It’s a harrowing chore.”The industry’s move towards computerized cutting tables, in order to save time and maximize pattern lay-ups, is accelerating thedemand for fabrics that cut more cleanly, and which hold their edge without tangling up around the cutting head.V2 is addressing this problem with its unique V-Lock™ non-run stitch technology. According to Horne, the V-Lock process welds theascending stitches together on the loop side of the fabric only. The stitch medium remains polyester (as opposed to low-melt vinylester sheathing, etc.), therefore eliminating contamination or off-gassing during the lamination/cross-linking process.V-Lock technology also makes it possible for fabrics to be bonded using a looser stitch. According to Horne, “Over-tension institching can restrict resin flow through and along the reinforcement fibers, forcing fibers to lay flatter in a lower profile andthereby increasing fiber volume fraction.”Kevin Horne, president and CEO of V2 Composites, Inc. reports, “These high-performance reinforcement fabrics don’t unravel. Theadded value for customers is significant in terms of reduced waste and improved longevity of their pre-cut dry reinforcementmaterials.”The V-Lock system is proprietary and involves precise thermal coupling management technology. According to Horne, the processtakes place as the fabric is manufactured so that no secondary handling is required.Horne concludes, “V-Lock technology is taking composite reinforcement fabrics to a higher level of performance. That’s good newsfor an industry that is aggressively pursuing value-added solutions for infrastructure, construction, heavy-duty transportation, sportsand recreation, aerospace, automotive, marine, and other commercial applications.”V2 Composites, Inc., where vision and versatility unite, unlocks a world of possibilities with high-performance composite reinforcements. Over thepast decade, V2 has employed advanced composite technology to deliver custom-designed reinforcements for use in an ever-increasing variety ofapplications. V2’s high-performance composite solutions are backed by unparalleled service, expertise and innovation with an unwaveringcommitment to quality. 770 Lee Road 191 • Auburn, AL 36830 • Phone: (334) 502-3000 • Fax: (334) 502-3088 • www.v2composites.com
  10. 10. For information contact: Jodi Harper (334) 502-3000 jharper@v2composites.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEV2 Composites, Inc. Hires Dave Maas as Business Development ManagerAuburn, AL (June 11, 2008) V2 Composites, Inc is proud to announce the addition of David Maas as BusinessDevelopment Manager. With more than 8 years of sales experience in the composites industry, he brings abroad range of sales, marketing, and management expertise to V2.Before joining V2, Maas was the National Sales Leader for Johns Manvilles Reinforcements Group. JohnsManville is a leading manufacturer of glass fibers for building products and composite reinforcements. Davewas responsible for North American sales, its business direction, and oversaw key accounts in NorthAmerica.“Dave is an excellent addition to the V2 team and V2 couldn’t be more on target for the future,” remarksKevin Horne, President & CEO of V2 Composites, Inc.V2 Composites, Inc., where vision and versatility unite, unlocks a world of possibilities with high-performance compositereinforcements. Over the past decade, V2 has employed advanced composite technology to deliver custom-designed reinforcementsfor use in an ever-increasing variety of applications. V2’s high-performance composite solutions are backed by unparalleled service,expertise and innovation with an unwavering commitment to quality. 770 Lee Road 191 • Auburn, AL 36830 • Phone: (334) 502-3000 • Fax: (334) 502-3088 • www.v2composites.com
  11. 11. V2 Information at a Glance Everything to make placing your orders the easiest part of your day! Customer Support Contacts 334.502.3000 phone www.V2composites.com 334.502.3088 fax Leslie Woodley, Customer Service lwoodley@v2composites.com Ashley Manning, Customer Service amanning@v2composites.com Rhonda Peterson, General Manager rpeterson@v2composites.com Kevin Horne, President & CEO khorne@v2composites.com Sales Contacts Will Warlick, Sales Manager wwarlick@v2composites.com Dave Maas, New Business Development dmaas@v2composites.comJodi Harper, Sales & Marketing Coordinator jharper@v2composites.com Daniel Murphree, Sales Engineer dmurphree@v2composites.com Customer Service/Payment Information Orders accepted via email, fax, phone or mailV2 accepts payment via check, ACH, Wire transfer or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX & Discover) Physical Address: Remit to Address: 770 Lee Road 191 PO Box 74082 Auburn, AL 36830 Cleveland, OH 44194-4082 Additional Important Information Office Hours: M-F 8:00-4:00 CST Order cut off for same day shipping 1:00 pm CST ISO Certification # CERT-0029134
  12. 12. V2 Composites, Inc. 334.502.3000 (p) s 334.502.3088 (f) s www.V2composites.com 770 Lee Road 191 s Auburn, AL 36830 P.O. Box 3407 s Auburn, AL 36831-3407V2 is proud to be a part of Garland Industries’ 100-Year Tradition as a leader in construction rehabilitations solutions.