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Sustained giving prospect webinar


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Sustained giving prospect webinar

  1. 1. Monthly Giving Landscape in 2014 February 6, 2014 Hosted by Adam Lemmon & Danielle Johnson-Vermenton
  2. 2. Adam Lemmon Lead Interactive Consultant Go! Team • Lives in Austin, TX • If I weren’t doing this I would be a backpack designer Danielle Johnson Vermenton Senior Interactive Consultant Go! Team • Former nonprofit fundraiser • Lives in Atlanta, GA • If I weren’t doing this I would be a chef
  3. 3. Today’s Topics Sustained Giving: It just makes sense What’s happening today Making it practical for you Next Steps and Q&A
  4. 4. “…it just seems to make sense to invest in a system or process that can truly encourage sustained support.” See more at:
  5. 5. ■ Lifetime value of a sustainer is ALWAYS higher o Typically a donor who contributes two $25 gifts per year, for a total of $50, will sign up for monthly giving at $10 a month. Which increases annual gift to $120 ■ Generates predictable revenue ■ Retention is significantly increased ■ Sustainer program is a strong 2nd gift strategy ■ Sustainers are strong Planned Giving prospects
  6. 6. ■ Builds a better relationship with donors ■ Keep donors giving longer ■ A sustainer program lowers your overall costs of fundraising ■ Sustainer income grows over time Hidden Gold: How monthly giving will build donor loyalty, boost your organizations income, and increase financial stability (Bonus Books, Chicago, 1999) by Harvey McKinnon
  7. 7. Why Sustained Giving matters? 20.00% 15.00% 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% Overall Giving Distribution for 2012 Source: 2012 Charitable Giving Report
  8. 8. Why plan a sustained giving campaign? Sustained giving as a percentage of total monthly funds raised online Sustained giving is 17% of online fundraising Source: Analysis of three large non-profits with sustainer programs Sustained giving is 5% of online fundraising
  9. 9. Content Management Email Marketing Donation Management Reporting & Analytics Event Fundraising eCommerce Automation Segmentation Testing
  10. 10. How are Luminate clients doing? 30 PERCENT Canada From the 2013 Online Marketing Luminate Benchmark Report
  11. 11. What has the strongest potential for growth in the coming years?
  12. 12. Growth Over Time © 2012 Blackbaud, Inc.
  13. 13. Large Small Medium Dec-09 Nov-09 Oct-09 Sep-09 Aug-09 Jul-09 Jun-09 May-09 Apr-09 Mar-09 Feb-09 Jan-09 Dec-08 Nov-08 Oct-08 Sep-08 Aug-08 Jul-08 Jun-08 May-08 Apr-08 Mar-08 Feb-08 Jan-08 Building a Sustainer Program New Sustaining Gifts (Cumulative) 2 Year Timeline of Growth 1,000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0
  14. 14. Sustained Fundraising
  15. 15. Today’s Topics Sustained Giving: It just makes sense What’s happening today Making it practical for you Next Steps and Q&A
  16. 16. Make it easy to become a monthly donor. © 2012 Blackbaud, Inc.
  17. 17. © 2012 Blackbaud, Inc.
  18. 18. Promoting sustained giving with multi-message campaign © 2012 Blackbaud, Inc.
  19. 19. Northern Illinois Foodbank
  20. 20. Emancipet
  21. 21. Vitamin angels
  22. 22. Campaign template
  23. 23. Ongoing Tactics © 2012 Blackbaud, Inc.
  24. 24. Explore Use of Upsell Lightbox • • • Wanted to convert one-time donors to sustaining donors. Utilized the Donations API to create a one-time gift form that presented an opportunity to convert the gift to a sustaining gift. Over the 5 months, 10% of one-time donors converted to sustainers.
  25. 25. Multichannel / Integration • What else…something to add from Chas?
  26. 26. What else is happening • Welcome Series with a 3rd message soliciting for a sustainer gift • Asking for a sustainer gift first in campaigns and putting one time gifts as secondary • Gratitude strategies for sustained giving donors, ie: “Impact eCards” • Enabling donors to manage their own gifts
  27. 27. Today’s Topics Sustained Giving: It just makes sense What’s happening today Making it practical for you Next Steps and Q&A
  28. 28. Making it practical for you
  29. 29. Where are you in the life cycle of sustained giving? Foundation Sustaining gift opportunity is clear to your donors and has support from staff Intermediate Strategy to grow your sustained giving program – online & offline Advanced Campaigns for retention & upsell plus tactics for program maintenance
  30. 30. Sustained Giving Marketing and Promotion Storytelling / Fundraising Program Maintenance Foundation • Promote on website as way to give • Educate constituents, staff & board on the giving opportunity to make monthly gifts • • Basic reporting Admin ability to manage gifts Intermediate • Integrate campaign with print and social media • Multi-message campaign & dedicated donation form • Query sustained giving donors to suppress from other campaigns Advanced • Year long plan and inclusion in editorial calendar • • • Upsells Unique giving opp Branded giving opp • Allow donors to manage their own gifts online (see more in session 2!)
  31. 31. Sustaining campaign big picture Planning Building Launching Reporting - Who will need to be involved for final approval? - Email Campaign reports to review audience reaction (opens/clicks) - Theme/Narrative (What’s the story?) - Develop the multi message campaign - Tone -Include 3 messages, a - What target date do dedicated donation you have in mind for form and launching? autoresponders - Voice (Who’s pitching the ask?) -Timing and tie ins -Include 3-4 concrete examples of impact to $ - Schedule the message deliveries in advance - Promote the initiative across multiple channels (multichannel!) - Donation reports to review gifts -Have a Gratitude Strategy
  32. 32. Today’s Topics Sustained Giving: It just makes sense What’s happening today Making it practical for you Next Steps and Q&A
  33. 33. Commercial Break Go! Essentials
  34. 34. Questions? Join us for our next call Wednesday, February 26 2:00 pm EST Start to Finish: Building Blocks for a sustained giving program
  35. 35. Resources Online Marketing Benchmark Study (see how you stack up) What is the Sustainer Bump? Increase Donor Loyalty with Sustained Giving Best Practices in Monthly Giving from Gail Perry Keeping Monthly Donors is Worth the Effort 10 Things to Know about a Basic Sustained Giving Program New Audiences, New Channels Gift Parity on npENGAGE / npEXPERTS Show the Love eBook mpaign=npEXPERTS2014
  36. 36. More Campaign Examples
  37. 37. Butte Humane Society
  38. 38. Can-Do-Canines