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  • TITLE SLIDE. Helping Faith-based orgs achieve their common goals of:Acquiring New Donors Build Brand Awareness Engaging Our Community
  • Year-end fundraising is huge for faith-based, with 32% of the year occurring October thru December.Blackbaud 2012 Charitable Giving Report
  • So let’s talk a bit about the digital challenge that medical research organizations and nonprofits face today
  • Constituents needs/expectations have changed…Engaging in more channels – we’re all omnivorous, meaning that all demographics are consuming from all different channelsExpect control over their experience – we’re all over-stimulated, and expect communication to be relevant and personalized to us…or else it’s just noise.Expect a two-way conversation – they want to interact! This is happening online – which is why online channels are growing dramatically faster than offline- this 2-way conversation means that constituents in many cases also want to communicate with their peers about you, so it’s not just you communicating to them, but them communicating back with you and communicating with their networks too!All generations, all channels Our Next Generation of American Giving research showed that younger generations are as likely to respond to a direct mail piece by giving online as by writing a check. Mobile is rising. And ultimately all of this is making it more difficult to attribute how constituents respond accurately. It’s a new paradigm.From prospects through wired wealthyIt’s not just across generations either. Our Wired Wealthy study proved it’s also across bands of giving potential. More than 65% of wealthy prospects are looking at your website before they make a first gift – what messages are they getting through different channels?Expect increased control of the channels We saw in our Next Generation study that there is significant variance between generations (but also within them) as to what kind of communications are appropriate from the nonprofits they support. And think about corporate examples like Netflix – you can get DVD’s in the mail, on a tablet device, or on your computer (even on your game console). People expect to get information where they want to get it.Online is the fastest growing segment Every day you wait to better integrate online and off is lost revenue. It’s been proved time and time again that multi channel integration has a significant impact on both acquisition costs and lifetime value. Our own research has shown that just using communication in multiple channels can increase Lifetime Value by 121% and increase first time donor renewal rates by almost 50%.Increase in constituent-driven fundraising Walk and run events have been around for a long time, but they have really taken off in the last 10-15 years. Not only that but individuals are finding more and more effective ways to fundraise directly on behalf of organizations on their own. Look at an organization like the Michael J. Fox Foundation that raises over 5 million annually just from individuals fundraising. And a lot of the growth is because of the ease of asking online – setting up a page, collecting gifts, telling friends on facebook.Ultimately, Constituents are more empowered and have increased expectations. The key to meeting those expectations is a strong Multi-Channel strategy.
  • Acquisition of new supporters is highly competitive among Human Services organizations-Poor retention creates need to constantly acquire new supporters – and challenged with Creating programs to bridge donors from first gift to the second gift.The donor is not the client of the organization, so the value proposition needs to be clearly articulated.Need to balance fundraising messaging with outreach and volunteer cultivation.A lot to due but have limited staffStruggle to provide valuable content that is of interest to web visitors.Higher demand for servicesIncreasing demand by public for transparency & efficiency so that most funds support designated efforts (Donors want to see the impact the org is making)
  • So how do Human Service organizations respond to the challenge?
  • Effectively engaging with constituents and supporters means the message must be relevant and easily shared and the experience must be visually appealing and tailored to the right medium. Relevant – Deliver the Right Message to Right Audience so they feel a personalized connection to your organization. It’s about creating messages that speak to the individual and not the masses…Visual –Online experiences need to be rich, visual, and enticing - using creative design, digital media including photography and videos.Social – Get People Talking About It, Sharing with Friends and Family, and Spreading Your Message Through Word of Mouth.Mobile – Whether it’s smartphone or a tablet, the experience needs to be tailored to the right medium. Anytime, Anywhere and not limited to which device you can use to consume the message
  • We use that relevance, impact and channel integration to drive more engagement. Engagement comes in many forms. When we consider the scope of human service orgs’, engagement for supporters may be throughEmail MarketingSocial Media sharing & networking Peer-Driven Campaigns & Events particpation action and Advocacy - polls, petitions, action alertswhatever the response may be that you seek.
  • The reason Luminate clients are so successful comes down to the integrated but open platform and the practice of an effective constituent engagement strategy.
  • What is constituent engagement? It’s the practice of (column A) which allows you to achieve (column B). Do this all while maintaining your brand integrity
  • In practice, it’s about engaging more deeply with each successive interaction with a constituent in a continuous, never-ending cycle. This starts with getting their attention – getting the right message in front of the right person in the right moment. Once you have that attention you want to drive them to engage. Luminate allows you to present more relevant offers to constituents by making those offers convenient, timely, and personal (for example: in the right channel, optimized for completion).But what makes Luminate particularly powerful is the integrated platform that then allows you to take that engagement deeper by expanding in the next step. It’s not enough to get attention and drive action, that is just beginning. Building real engagement means striking while the iron is hot and immediately offering more ways to engage to deepen the relationship.Once you have completed the cycle (and maximized a single engagement) it has to repeat. Because you’ve engaged more deeply you’ll see better engagement again next time you seek this constituent’s attention – be it through email, social media, or offline. And because all of the engagement data lives in a single integrated system you can optimize for each step of the way – using data driven strategies not possible without this integration.
  • So let’s go through that constituent engagement cycle in some visual examples…Here, let’s look at clients who are effectively getting attention in a multi-channel world: it’s about having great content in the right channels and with all the hooks to get it disseminated broadly, and get people to linger longer or take that extra step.Feeding America does a great job using Luminate. By leveraging the tools to easily build and customize donation forms to match gift levels and donor preferences, Feeding America provides supporters with an easy and personalizedway to donate online. With the ability to recommend on Facebook and the “Tell a Friend” feature, they are able continually extend organization’s reach resulting in online revenue increasing by 40% over 2 year periodNext is UNICEF USA – UNICEF worked with our User Experience team on a number of projects including a virtual gift store and mobile site. Their mobile optimized site won “best in class” from the Interactive Media Awards. Speaking of right message to right person a the right moment – UNICEF uses online channels as their key to disaster response fundraising with a great “emergency” version of their site that they can literally launch in minutes for any disaster. It points to donation forms that are preconfigured to accept funds for those emergencies. As a human service organization, you may or may not be in the disaster relief business, but having the ability to mobilize your audience and make changes on the fly is important for organizations like yours because the increasing demands for your service could become headline news tomorrow – you need to be ready to seize the moment!
  • Which brings us to driving engagement. Luminate gives you the ability to create multi-channel digital campaigns, to automate communications based on interactions, and to optimize your communication pathways to drive the best response. Multi-Channel engagement means using Multiple Touch Points: Allowing people to easily share their stories, sign up for events, donate or shop an e-store, and easily sign up to learn more. This means tracking constituent activity and then using that to create multiple relevant touch points to engage & cultivate constituents…This tracking and engagement doesn’t stop at your website or email – it needs to be SOCIAL! Let’s make it super convenient for people to get involved and share on their social networks Take a look at these great examples from Feeding America:- for example here’s a newsletter sign-up page and blog, with the ability for me to share or forward to a friend which supporters can complete without ever leaving facebook.The other aspect of multi-channel engagement that can’t be ignored is mobile – which this year is overtaking desktop and laptop computers as the most common way for people to access the internet! - let’s meet our constituents where they are – checking their mail while waiting in line at Starbucks or - Continuing the Unicef example and another from CARE – - these mobile sites are all about engagement, for example this volunteer sign up, action alerts, or donation forms that are mobile friendly.
  • The final step in our cycle is Expansion – it’s about next steps, cross marketing and social sharing that you drive immediately following one engagement to spawn the next engagementCARE: driving advocates to then become social followers and donors.Or Vitamin Angels: shows once someone opts to sign up how easy it is for them to share your message with others. You could even customize it by the user to drive a more targeted next action.And then…the cycle starts over again!
  • Hopefully these examples are getting you thinking about how this could apply to your organizations. Let’s look at the results of effective constituent engagement.
  • The power of the platform is evident in the results. Luminate is the unchallenged leader in digital communications and fundraising for nonprofits. In 2011 Luminate clients used Luminate software and services to raise more than $1.35 billion online, send more than 4 billion email communications, power more than 32 million advocacy actions and manage relationships with more than 248 million constituents.In fact, Luminate’s online fundraising tools raised 3x what any other single tool or company raised in 2011.
  • Cultivate. engage. sustain. grow fundraising revenue for faith based organizations

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    2. 2. 2FAITH-BASEDORGANIZATIONSHow Faith-based organizations are usingBlackbaud online solutions to engagesupporters, raise funds and delivereffective programs.
    3. 3. 3AGENDA• Online Trends• The Digital Challenge• Responding to theChallenge• Luminate OnlineSolution• Success Stories
    4. 4. 4A LOOK AT WHAT’S TRENDING IN OVERALL & ONLINEGIVING… Faith-based organizations experienced a6.1% increase in overall giving in 2012. Online giving grew 10.7% in 2012compared to 2011. Online giving also reached the year’s highin December — accounting for 22.4% of2012’s online gifts. In 2012, online giving accounted for 7% ofall charitable giving, up from 2011
    7. 7. 7• Clearly articulating the valueproposition – case for giving• Donor acquisition• Poor retention – getting second gift• Need to balance fundraisingmessage & efforts with outreach &volunteerism• Managing constituent expectationswith limited staff /resources• Keeping content & story fresh andrelevant on websiteFAITH-BASED ORGANIZATIONS ARE EQUALLYCHALLENGED WITH
    9. 9. 9MobileVisualwww.nature.orgSocialRelevantENGAGING TODAY’S CONSTITUENT ONLINE MEANSBEING…
    10. 10. 10ActDonate CommitShareENGAGEMENT COMES IN MANY FORMS
    12. 12. 12If You Could…CONSTITUENT ENGAGEMENT MEANS• Anticipate your constituents’needs• Know their interests, passions& preferences• Offer more relevantinteractions & opportunitiesto engageYou Would… Improve acquisition& referrals Engage with constituents &the community Establish lifetime relationships Grow support & fundraising
    13. 13. 13APPROACH TO CONSTITUENT ENGAGEMENTKeys to Effective Execution:1. Build on every conversation2. Create a fully integratedconstituent experience3. Get the most from eachchannel4. Data-driven strategies fortreatment based on theaudience
    14. 14. 14• Get the right message in front of the right person at the right moment.GETTING ATTENTIONKey Strategies: Web Content, Mobile Content, Social Hooks, SEO, Design
    15. 15. 15• Present an offer or promote a benefit that is convenient, timely andpersonal.DRIVING ENGAGEMENTKey Strategies: Multiple Touch Points, Multi-channel Campaigns, Triggered Pathways,Analytics & Optimization
    16. 16. 16• Strike while the iron is hot by promoting sharing and channelconversion.EXPANDING THE RELATIONSHIPKey Strategies: Next Steps, Cross Marketing, Social Sharing
    19. 19. 19• Visit our website• Connect with us• Subscribe to npENGAGE TO LEARN MORE?
    20. 20. 20INTERESTED? GET IN TOUCH:Your Blackbaud Account Executive can set up a personalizeddiscussion of your situation