Airline reservation system (Domain Model)


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Airline reservation system (Domain Model)

  1. 1. Airline Reservation System
  2. 2. Domain Model
  3. 3. Context Information Diagram  It captures the high level data flow between major entities in the system.  Depicts the relationship with other entities outside the system
  4. 4. ER diagram  It is a data model for describing the data or information aspects of a business domain or its process requirements, in an abstract way that lends itself to ultimately being implemented in a database such as a relational database.
  5. 5. Semantic Network Diagram  It is a network which represents semantic relations between concepts
  6. 6. Object Diagram
  7. 7. Use Case Diagram  Captures usage scenarios in the system.
  8. 8. Representation Model
  9. 9. Data Flow Diagram  Depicts the data exchanged within the system with no notion of control.
  10. 10. Control Flow Diagram
  11. 11. State Transition Diagram
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