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Evaluation task 7


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Evaluation task 7

  1. 1. Evaluation Task 7What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?For our filming we used a small HD camera and a tripod to help us keep it steady. We learnt to panand zoom on the camera to help us achieve the shots that we wanted.This is the Apple Mac Computer we stored all our files on. All the software we used was on hereincluding everything we needed to complete the editing process.
  2. 2. The main program we used was called Final Cut Express. On this program we learnt the basic skills ofediting; then developed to learn techniques such as transitions (in particular cross dissolve), cuttingdown shots, importing and arranging footage, adding and editing sound and also some morecomplex things such as adding rotation, movement and alignment to our shots.Each time we did any form of work towards our coursework I recorded it on a blog using the websiteBlogger. I also created pages for each stage of the coursework which I then uploaded pieces of workto as we continued through the process to keep them organised and in a presentable way.When we saved the video format files for both our preliminary and main task, we used the websiteVimeo to convert them to internet files and copy the HTML code to upload them to our blog.We used the website SoundCloud to upload and get the HTML code for all the forms of sound wewanted to upload to our blog; this included sound research and music for our main task.When creating the titles for our main task we used the program Livetype to make them and to selectfonts, colours, size, positionetc for them. This software was particularly useful as it allowed us to
  3. 3. preview what the transitions etc would look like/the speed they would travel before we saved themto upload to Final Cut Express.When we produced any kind of document during the entire coursework project we used the websiteSlide Share to upload it and get the HTML code to paste on our blogs.