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Evaluation task 4


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Evaluation task 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Task 4Who are your audience?This is LaceyNewstead. She is a typical 16 year old girl from South East London. She enjoyssocialising, shopping, and acts and dresses in a stereotypical girly way.She is from a standard middle class family, alike to the characters in our film.She listens to mainly popular chart music from the pop genre and likes to listen to Radio 1.She watches a reasonable amount of television, in particular shows featured on E4 which is achannel predominantly aimed at the younger generation and teenage/young adult audiences. Herfavourite TV show is 90210 because it features people of her age group.She enjoys reading girly teenage romance books and also owns the novel versions of some of herfavourite love films.Her favourite films include Remember Me; Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging; The Notebook;Letters To Juliet; 50 First Dates and Mean Girls. She likes the films that feature love story’s, but alsofilms that have an emotional storyline. She visits the cinema often to see films in the RomanticDrama and Rom-Com genres and also owns an extensive DVD collection which she is continuouslyadding to.I our film will appeal to Laura because she is a stereotypical girly girl who loves to fantasize about theromance she sees in films and TV shows. Because our film features characters of around the sameteenage age group it is automatically more relatable to her and draws in more interest than it woulddo if it was about a more mature set of characters. She enjoys films of the same genre as ours suchas The Notebook and Remember Me which shouldimply that she will also enjoy ours.