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Evaluation task 3


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Evaluation task 3

  1. 1. Evaluation Task 3What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?If we were to want to release our film as a Hollywood blockbuster then an example of a companythat might distribute our film would be New Line Cinema.This company would be suitable to distribute my film because it has distributed famous films fromthe same romantic drama genre as ours such as the Notebook in 2004.It was originally distributed in cinemas grossed a box office profit of $115.6 million worldwide. It wasthen released on DVD where it has continued to pull in profits. From statistics like this we could bereasonably confident that our film could receive similar success through this distribution company andthis would secure us higher profits.
  2. 2. Also since our film shares genre and a similar target audience in common with the Notebook, it ishighly likely that a lot of their audience will want to view our film as well.New Line Cinema is a large media corporation so it will have no problem funding advertising to aidthe distribution of our film. Advertising methods could include posters, billboards, ads in magazinesand TV adverts; all of which range into digital media technologies.However since our film has no large names to it, it may benefit from being released through anindependent film company instead such as Film 4.Film 4 is a TV channel available on Freeview and all cable and satellite services. Not only do theyshow Hollywood blockbusters etc on their channel, but they also showcase a wide range of Britishindependent films which is where they could help with ours. They use their other channelsconnected to the Channel 4 Company to advertise specific film showings which can generate interestand boost viewing numbers which will aid profit. The also do a lot of film premieres on the channel,which would be particularly good for us as it could help launch our film despite its lack of connectionto the main Hollywood film industry.