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Evaluation task 2


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Evaluation task 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Task 2How does your media product represent particular social media groups?The main representation we presented in our film opening and title sequence was age. The agegroup we represented mainly was teenagers, although we did also feature young children in oursequence. In many films today and also in society teenagers are portrayed as disruptive youthrebelling and getting in trouble with the law; we wanted to create a counter type of this by showingthe couple in our story as calm, happy, quiet and content with their lives together. We also showedthat life can be ended at any age, not just stereotypically when you are older, and that you shouldmake the most of life whilst you have it.The age of the characters is also shown through costume and props. When they are children, theyare both wearing casual clothes and warm coats. Each child has one item of clothing that is quitebright in colour, representing their youth.When the pair become teenagers, their dress is a lot more formal and grown up as we kept ourcharacters in the sixth form clothes they had been wearing that day at school to reflect whatcharacters of that age would actually be wearing and to show that they have matured. However wemade them look more casual and as though they were no longer in school by removing blazers etc.and also getting Callum who plays Sam to roll up his sleeves.
  2. 2. However we kept an element of their childhood present by keeping the Peppa Pig watch on thecharacter Emily during the transition from children to teenagers. This helps signify that although thecharacters have aged, they are still the same people and by the use of them holding hands duringthe transition that they also still have a strong connection between them that has perhapsdeveloped even further over time.Another film from the same Romantic Drama genre that uses costume to represent passing time andaging is The Notebook.During the flashback story, we see the two main characters Noah and Ally go from being teenagersto young adults over a period of time. To do this not only do they mature in dress sense and becomemore formal and ‘adult’, but their clothes also change with the fashion of the time period as we
  3. 3. progress throughout the 1930’s and 40’s to show the change in decade. Also Noah grows a beardand Allys hair changes with the latest trend to show that they are growing up and time is passing.We also represented the average British teenager by steering away from the stereotypical socialgroups present in high schools today (chavs, emosetc) and trying to keep our main character asneutral and relatable to all social groups as possible. From this our main character could becompared to the character Jack from the Romantic Drama film Titanic, as he is also represented asan average/normal guy (bringing in the element of classes and making him more relatable to themiddle/lower classes) with no special wealth or definition to separate him from everyone else.