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Library catalog 6

  1. 1. LIBRARY CATALOG - 2012Author Title CategoryBarham, L & Peter Mitchell The First Africans: African Archaeology Archaeology Origins: The story of the emergence of humans andBlundell, Geoffery humanity in Africa ArchaeologyDeacon & Deacon Human Beginnings in South Africa ArcheologyDeacon, Janette Some views on Rock Painting in the Cederberg ArchaeologyElphick, Richard Khoikhoi and the founding of white south africa ArcheologyParkington, John Cederberg Rock Paintings ArchaeologyParkington, John Shorelines, Standlopers and Shell Middens ArchaeologyParkington, John The Mantis, the eland and the hunter ArchaeologyParkington, John & David Morris& Neil Rusch Karoo Rock Engravings ArchaeologySkotnes, Pippa Heavens Things: A story of the /Xam ArchaeologyWilmsen, Edwin Land filled with flies :A Political Economy of the Kalahari ArcheologyBarcott, Rye It happened on the Way to War BiographyGevisser, Mark A legacy of Liberation BiographyGish, Steven Desmond Tutu a biography BiographyMandela, Nelson Long Walk to Freedom BiographyMarinovich, G & Silva, J The Bang-Bang Club BiographyRamphele, Mamphela Across boundries BiographySlabbert, Van Zyl Tough Choices: Relfections of an Afrikaner African Biography Introduction to methods in community-based participatory research for health, in Israel, B. et al, Methods for Community-Based Participatory Research for CommunityIsrael, B.A. et al Health (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass) Research CommunityMinkler, M & N. Wallerstein Community Based Participatory Research for health Research CommunityRahnema, M (ed) The post developmet reader Research Service-Learning : A Movements Pioneers Reflect on its CommunityStanton, Tim & Dwight Cruz Origins, practice & Future ResearchBendix, S Industrial relations in South Africa Economics The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa,Brautigam, Deborah Oxford: Oxford University Press Economics The bottom billion, Why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it, Oxford: Oxford UniversityCollier, Paul Press Economics Just Enough Project Management. McGraw-Hill, NY.Cook, C. (paperback) Economics Challenging Global Inequality; Development Theory andGreig, Alastair & David Hulme & Practice in the 21st Century,, Basingstoke: PalgraveMark Turner Macmillian Economics Defining Moments: Experiences of Black executives inLuhabe, Wendy South Africas workplace EconomicsMorgan, M. R. Levitt and W. Executing Your Strategy: How to Break it Down and GetMalek it Done. HBS Press, Boston, Mass. Economics Dead aid: Why aid is not working and how there is aMoyo, Dambisa nother way for Africa EconomicsRodrik, D and Rosenzweig, M(eds) Handbooks in Economics Vol 5 Economics The end of poverty: How we can make it happen in ourSachs, Jeffrey lifetime EconomicsTodaro, Michael and Smith,Steven Economic Development 17th Addition EconomicsWebster, Edward & Karl VonHoldt (Ed) Beyond The Apartheid Workplace EconomicsWilson, Francis Migrant Labour EconomicsBall, Arnetha Studying Diversity in Teacher Education EducationBloch, Graeme Toxic Mix Education
  2. 2. Carter, Prudence Keepin It Real EducationChisholm, Linda (Ed) Changing Class- Educaion and Social Change in post EducationFiske.E and Ladd.H Elusive Equity EducationFleisch, Brahm Primary Education in Crisis EducationJansen, Jonathan Knowledge in the Blood EducationJensen, Jonathan We need to Talk EducationKallaway, Peter (Ed) The History of Education Under Apartheid 1948-1994 EducationThorpe, Edwards & Hanson Culture and Processes of Adult Learning EducationBrink, Andre The First Life of Adamastor FictionCarern, John Invictus FictionCoetzee, J.M Disgrace FictionCoetzee, JM Waiting for the Barbarians FictionConrad, Joseph Heart of Darkness FictionDangor, Achmat Bitter Fruit FictionEdgar, David The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs (Play) FictionGordimer, Nadine Julys People FictionKrog, Antjie Begging to be black FictionLapierre, Dominique Rainbow in the Night FictionMda, Zakes The Heart of redness FictionMeeran, Zinaid Saracen at the Gates FictionNdebele, Njabulo The Cry of Winnie Mandela FictionPaton, Vintage Cry, The Beloved Country FictionPauw, Jacques Little Ice Cream Boy FictionWicomb, Zoe You Cant Get Lost in Cape Town Fiction The Anatomy of a South African Genocide, TheAdhikari, M. extermination of the Cape San peoples. GenocideBurr & collins Darfur the long road to disaster GenocideChalk, F. & K. Jonassohn, The History and Sociology of Genocide (Yale University(eds.),D. Stone, (ed.) Press) Genocide The Historiography of Genocide (Palgrave Macmillan) GenocideGellately, Robert and Ben The Spectre of Genocide: Mass Murder in HistoricalKiernen, (eds.), Perspective (Cambridge Univ. Press) Genocide We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killedGourevitch, Philip with our families GenocideHochschild, Adam King Leopolds Ghost GenocideJones, A. Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction (Routledge) GenocideKiernan, B. Blood and Soil (Yale University Press) GenocideLemarchand, Rene Brundi: Ethnic conflict & Genocide Genocide The Meaning of Genocide; The Rise of the West and theLevene, M. Coming of Genocide (I.B. Tauris) GenocideMamdani, Mahmood When Victims Become Killers Genocide Empire, Colony, Genocide: Conquest, Occupation, andMoses, A. (ed.) Subaltern Resistance in World History GenocideNaimark, Norman Stalins Genocides GenocideOlusoga & Erichsen The Kaisers Holocaust GenocidePrunier, Gerard The Rwanda Crisis : A history of a genocide Genocide Purify and Destroy:The Political Uses of Massacre andSemelin, J. Genocide (Columbia Univ.Press) GenocideShaw, M. What is Genocide?; War and Genocide (Polity Press) GenocideTotten, S.& W. Parsons & I. Genocide in the Twentieth Century: Critical Essays andCharney Eye-witness Accounts (Routledge) GenocideTotten, Samuel & Paul Bartrop The Genocide Studies Reader 1 Genocide Final Solutions: Mass Killing and Genocide in theValentino, B. Twentieth Century (Cornell Univ. Press) Genocide A Century of Genocide: Utopias of Race and NationWeitz, E. (Princeton Univ. Press) GenocideZimmerer & Zeller Genocide in German South West Africa Genocide Government andAdam & Moodley South Africa without Apartheid Politics Government andAn Amnesty report Political imprisonment in South Africa Politics South African time running out, The USA and South Government andBaker, Pauline Africa: the Regan years Politics Government andBond, Patrick Elite Transition Politics
  3. 3. Government andBowles, Chester Africas challenge to America Politics Government andButler, Rotberg & Adams The black homelands of South Africa Politics The first 5 years, A review of south africas democratic Government andCalland, Richard parliament Politics Government andChabal & Daloz Africa Works Politics Government andClark, N & B. Worger South Africa: the Rise and Fall of Apartheid Politics Government andCliffe, Lionel Transition to independence in Namibia Politics Government andFaure & Lane South Africa designing new political institutions Politics Government andFinnegan, William Crossing The Line, A year in the land of Aparthide Politics Government andGevisser, Mark Portraits of power Politics Government andKrog, Antjie Country of My Skull Politics Government andLeys, Colin & John Saul Namibias Liberation Struggle Politics Government andMandela, Nelson The struggles of my life Politics Government andMarais, Hein South Africa Pushed to the Limit Politics Government andMeredith, Martin Coming to terms: South Africa search for truth Politics Government andMoorehead, Alan The White Nile Politics Government andMphahlele,Eskia Mandela Politics Government andNyerere, Julius The ARUSHA declaration ten years after Politics Government andPlaatje, Sol. Native Life in South Africa Politics Making Empire - Colonial Encounters and the Creation of Government andPrice, Richard Imperial Rule in 19C Africa Politics Government andRamphal, Shridath Mission to South africa, the commwealth report Politics Government andSmall & Wissema District Six Politics The making of the consitution, May 1994- Decemeber Government andSouth African Constitution 1996 Politics Ending Apartheid (Turning Points) (2010) Pearson Government andSpence, J. & D.Welsh, Education Politics Government andWelsh, David The Rise and Fall of Apartheid Politics Government andWoods, Donald Rainbow nation revisited PoliticsFoster, Geoff & Carol Levin & A Generation at Risk: The Global impacts of HIV/AIDS onJohn Williamson Orphans and Vulnerable Children HealthSteinberg, Jonny Three Letter Plague HealthNattrass, Nicoli Mortal Combat HealthSteinberg, Jonny Sizwes Test HealthSusser AIDS, Sex, and Culture HealthAdam, Heribert Moderniszing racial domination HistoryDavenport, Rodney &Christopher Saunders South Africa: A Modern History HistoryDavenport, T.R.H South Africa a modern history HistoryElphick & Gilomee The shaping of South African society, 1652- 1840 HistoryJuly, Robert A history of the African People HistoryMbeki, Govan South Africa the peasants revolt HistoryMountain, Alan An Unsung heritage HistoryNasson, Bill Abraham Esaus War HistoryPakenham, Thomsa The Scramble for Africa HistoryRoss, Robert A Concise History of South Africa History
  4. 4. Thompson, Leonard A History of South Africa History Dinosaurs, Diamonds and Democracy: A short history ofWilson, Francis Sputh Africa HistoryCollins Xhosa Pharse Book LanguageOxford Afrikaans dictonary LanguageOxford First Bilingual Dictionary LanguagePharos, Klein Woordeboek LanguageEngelbrecht. S. and De Beer. T. African Salad - A Portrait of South Africans at Home OtherWilliamson & Jamal Art in South Africa: The future present OtherArnold, Millard Steve Biko: Black consciousness in South Africa PhilosphyBiko, Steve I write what I like: A selection of his writings PhilosphyFredrickson, George Black Liberation PhilosophyNyerere, Julius Freedom & the movement PhilosphyTutu, Desmond Made for Goodness Philosphy Environment & History: The taming of nature in the USABeinart & Coates and South Africa Sites of Memory City, Site, Museum: reviewing memory practices at theBennet et al, eds District Six Museum Sites of MemoryBhaktawar, Nina (ed) South Africa Year book 2010/2011 Sites of MemoryBowoes, Brett & SteuartPennington South Africa The Good News Sites of Memory History after Apartheid: visual culture and public memoryCoombes, A in a democratic South Africa Sites of MemoryDecon, Harriet The island : A history of Robben Isand Sites of MemoryKathrada, Ahmed Robben Island the Reunion Sites of MemoryKrut, David Light on a Hill; Building the Constitutional Court Site of MemoryVan Der Ross, R.E Buy my Flowers Sites of MemoryWorden, Heyningen andBlackford-Smith Cape Town- The Making of a City Sites of MemoryWorden, Heyningen andBlackford-Smith Cape Town- In the Twentieth Century Sites of MemoryAdam & Giliomee Ethnic power mobilized SociologyAdhikari, Mohamed (ed) Straat- praatjes SociologyAppiah, Kwame Anthony In my fathers house: African philosophy of culture SociologyBerkeley, Bill The Graves are not yet full SociologyBesteman, Catherine Transforming Cape town SociologyBoahen, Adu African Perspecyves on Colonialism SociologyCarter, Gwendolen The politics of inequality SociologyED Amina Mama Feminist Africa issue 13, 2009 SociologyHabib.A & K. Bentley Racial Redress and citizenship in South Africa SociologyHarber, Anton Diepsloot SociologyHochschild, Adam The mirrors at midnight SociologyIsaacs, Harold Emergent Americans: A report on Crossroads Africa Sociology Now that we are Free: Coloured communities in aJames, Caliguire & Cullinan democratic south africa SociologyJensen, Steffen Gangs, Politics & Dignity in Cape Town SociologyMacDonald, Michael Why Race Matters in South Africa SociologyMamdani, Mahmood Citizen & Subject SociologyMarx, Anthony Making Race and nation SociologyOrford, Margie Fifteen Men SociologyOtter, Steven Khayelitsha- Umlungu in a Township SociologyRamphele, Mamphela Steering by the stars SociologyRobins, Steven From Revolution to rights in South Africa SociologyRoss, Fiona Raw Life, New hope SociologySeekings.J. and Nattrass.N. Class, Race and inequality in South Africa SociologySimons, Jack & Ray Class & Colour in South Africa 1850-1950 SociologyTheroux, Paul Dark star safari SociologyVan Der Post, Laurens The Dark eye in Africa SociologyBinoche, John In my Country DVD - USABlank, Molly Testing hope DVD - SABlomkamp, Neill District 9 DVD - SAEastwood, Clint Invictus DVD - SA
  5. 5. Enfield, CY Zulu DVD - SAFabian, Anthony Skin DVD - SAHooper, Tom Red Dust DVD - USAUys, James The Gods Must Be Crazy DVD - SA