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Library catalog 5

  1. 1. LIBRARY CATALOG - 2012Author Title Copies CategoryBarham, L & Peter Mitchell The First Africans: African Archaeology 2 ArchaeologyBlundell, Geoffery Origins: The story of the emergence of humans and humanity in Africa 1 ArchaeologyDeacon & Deacon Human Beginnings in South Africa 1 ArcheologyDeacon, Janette Some views on Rock Painting in the Cederberg (30) 3 ArchaeologyElphick, Richard Khoikhoi and the founding of white south africa 1 ArcheologyParkington, John Cederberg Rock Paintings (26) 4 ArchaeologyParkington, John Shorelines, Standlopers and Shell Middens 3 ArchaeologyParkington, John The Mantis, the eland and the hunter 1 ArchaeologyParkington, John & David Morris & Neil Rusch Karoo Rock Engravings 1 ArchaeologySkotnes, Pippa Heavens Things: A story of the /Xam 1 ArchaeologyWilmsen, Edwin Land filled with flies :A Political Economy of the Kalahari 1 ArcheologyBarcott, Rye It happened on the Way to War 1 BiographyGevisser, Mark A legacy of Liberation 2 BiographyGish, Steven Desmond Tutu a biography 1 BiographyMandela, Nelson Long Walk to Freedom 5 BiographyMarinovich, G & Silva, J The Bang-Bang Club 2 BiographyRamphele, Mamphela Across boundries 1 BiographySlabbert, Van Zyl Tough Choices: Relfections of an Afrikaner African 1 Biography Introduction to methods in community-based participatory research for health, in Israel, B. et al, Methods for Community-Based Participatory Research for Health (San Francisco:Israel, B.A. et al Jossey-Bass) 2 Community ResearchMinkler, M & N. Wallerstein Community Based Participatory Research for health 2 Community ResearchRahnema, M (ed) The post developmet reader 2 Community ResearchStanton, Tim & Dwight Cruz Service-Learning : A Movements Pioneers Reflect on its Origins, practice & Future 1 Community ResearchBendix, S Industrial relations in South Africa 2 EconomicsBrautigam, Deborah The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa, Oxford: Oxford University Press 1 Economics The bottom billion, Why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it,Collier, Paul Oxford: Oxford University Press 3 EconomicsCook, C. Just Enough Project Management. McGraw-Hill, NY. (paperback) 2 Economics Challenging Global Inequality; Development Theory and Practice in the 21st Century,,Greig, Alastair & David Hulme & Mark Turner Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillian 2 EconomicsLuhabe, Wendy Defining Moments: Experiences of Black executives in South Africas workplace 4 EconomicsMorgan, M. R. Levitt and W. Malek Executing Your Strategy: How to Break it Down and Get it Done. HBS Press, Boston, Mass. 3 EconomicsMoyo, Dambisa Dead aid: Why aid is not working and how there is a nother way for Africa 2 EconomicsRodrik, D and Rosenzweig, M (eds) Handbooks in Economics Vol 5 1 EconomicsSachs, Jeffrey The end of poverty: How we can make it happen in our lifetime 2 EconomicsTodaro, Michael and Smith, Steven Economic Development 17th Addition 1 EconomicsWebster, Edward & Karl Von Holdt (Ed) Beyond The Apartheid Workplace 5 EconomicsWilson, Francis Migrant Labour 1 EconomicsBall, Arnetha Studying Diversity in Teacher Education 1 EducationBloch, Graeme Toxic Mix 1 EducationCarter, Prudence Keepin It Real 1 EducationChisholm, Linda (Ed) Changing Class- Educaion and Social Change in post Apartheid South Africa 1 EducationFiske.E and Ladd.H Elusive Equity 3 EducationFleisch, Brahm Primary Education in Crisis 1 EducationJansen, Jonathan Knowledge in the Blood 3 EducationJensen, Jonathan We need to Talk 1 EducationKallaway, Peter (Ed) The History of Education Under Apartheid 1948-1994 1 EducationThorpe, Edwards & Hanson Culture and Processes of Adult Learning 1 EducationBrink, Andre The First Life of Adamastor 1 FictionCarern, John Invictus 1 FictionCoetzee, J.M Disgrace 1 FictionCoetzee, JM Waiting for the Barbarians 2 Fiction
  2. 2. Conrad, Joseph Heart of Darkness 2 FictionDangor, Achmat Bitter Fruit 2 FictionEdgar, David The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs (Play) 1 FictionGordimer, Nadine Julys People 1 FictionKrog, Antjie Begging to be black 1 FictionLapierre, Dominique Rainbow in the Night 1 FictionMda, Zakes The Heart of redness 1 FictionMeeran, Zinaid Saracen at the Gates 1 FictionNdebele, Njabulo The Cry of Winnie Mandela 2 FictionPaton, Vintage Cry, The Beloved Country 1 FictionPauw, Jacques Little Ice Cream Boy 1 FictionWicomb, Zoe You Cant Get Lost in Cape Town 2 FictionAdhikari, M. The Anatomy of a South African Genocide, The extermination of the Cape San peoples. 1 GenocideBurr & collins Darfur the long road to disaster 1 GenocideChalk, F. & K. Jonassohn, (eds.),D. Stone, (ed.) The History and Sociology of Genocide (Yale University Press) 1 Genocide The Historiography of Genocide (Palgrave Macmillan) 1 GenocideGellately, Robert and Ben Kiernen, (eds.), The Spectre of Genocide: Mass Murder in Historical Perspective (Cambridge Univ. Press) 1 GenocideGourevitch, Philip We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families 1 GenocideHochschild, Adam King Leopolds Ghost 2 GenocideJones, A. Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction (Routledge) 1 GenocideKiernan, B. Blood and Soil (Yale University Press) 1 GenocideLemarchand, Rene Brundi: Ethnic conflict & Genocide 1 GenocideLevene, M. The Meaning of Genocide; The Rise of the West and the Coming of Genocide (I.B. Tauris) 1 GenocideMamdani, Mahmood When Victims Become Killers 1 GenocideMoses, A. (ed.) Empire, Colony, Genocide: Conquest, Occupation, and Subaltern Resistance in World History 1 GenocideNaimark, Norman Stalins Genocides 1 GenocideOlusoga & Erichsen The Kaisers Holocaust 1 GenocidePrunier, Gerard The Rwanda Crisis : A history of a genocide 1 GenocideSemelin, J. Purify and Destroy:The Political Uses of Massacre and Genocide (Columbia Univ.Press) 1 GenocideShaw, M. What is Genocide?; War and Genocide (Polity Press) 1 GenocideTotten, S.& W. Parsons & I. Charney Genocide in the Twentieth Century: Critical Essays and Eye-witness Accounts (Routledge) 1 GenocideTotten, Samuel & Paul Bartrop The Genocide Studies Reader 1 GenocideValentino, B. Final Solutions: Mass Killing and Genocide in the Twentieth Century (Cornell Univ. Press) 1 GenocideWeitz, E. A Century of Genocide: Utopias of Race and Nation (Princeton Univ. Press) 1 GenocideZimmerer & Zeller Genocide in German South West Africa 1 GenocideAdam & Moodley South Africa without Apartheid 1 Government and PoliticsAn Amnesty report Political imprisonment in South Africa 1 Government and PoliticsBaker, Pauline South African time running out, The USA and South Africa: the Regan years 1 Government and PoliticsBond, Patrick Elite Transition 1 Government and PoliticsBowles, Chester Africas challenge to America 1 Government and PoliticsButler, Rotberg & Adams The black homelands of South Africa 1 Government and PoliticsCalland, Richard The first 5 years, A review of south africas democratic parliament 1 Government and PoliticsChabal & Daloz Africa Works 1 Government and PoliticsClark, N & B. Worger South Africa: the Rise and Fall of Apartheid 5 Government and PoliticsCliffe, Lionel Transition to independence in Namibia 1 Government and PoliticsFaure & Lane South Africa designing new political institutions 1 Government and PoliticsFinnegan, William Crossing The Line, A year in the land of Aparthide 1 Government and PoliticsGevisser, Mark Portraits of power 1 Government and PoliticsKrog, Antjie Country of My Skull 1 Government and PoliticsLeys, Colin & John Saul Namibias Liberation Struggle 4 Government and PoliticsMandela, Nelson The struggles of my life 1 Government and PoliticsMarais, Hein South Africa Pushed to the Limit 1 Government and PoliticsMeredith, Martin Coming to terms: South Africa search for truth 1 Government and PoliticsMoorehead, Alan The White Nile 1 Government and PoliticsMphahlele,Eskia Mandela 1 Government and PoliticsNyerere, Julius The ARUSHA declaration ten years after 1 Government and PoliticsPlaatje, Sol. Native Life in South Africa 1 Government and PoliticsPrice, Richard Making Empire - Colonial Encounters and the Creation of Imperial Rule in 19C Africa 2 Government and PoliticsRamphal, Shridath Mission to South africa, the commwealth report 1 Government and PoliticsSmall & Wissema District Six 1 Government and PoliticsSouth African Constitution The making of the consitution, May 1994- Decemeber 1996 1 Government and PoliticsSpence, J. & D.Welsh, Ending Apartheid (Turning Points) (2010) Pearson Education 2 Government and PoliticsWelsh, David The Rise and Fall of Apartheid 4 Government and PoliticsWoods, Donald Rainbow nation revisited 1 Government and Politics
  3. 3. Foster, Geoff & Carol Levin & John Williamson A Generation at Risk: The Global impacts of HIV/AIDS on Orphans and Vulnerable Children 3 HealthSteinberg, Jonny Three Letter Plague 1 HealthNattrass, Nicoli Mortal Combat 3 HealthSteinberg, Jonny Sizwes Test 1 HealthSusser AIDS, Sex, and Culture 1 HealthAdam, Heribert Moderniszing racial domination 1 HistoryDavenport, Rodney & Christopher Saunders South Africa: A Modern History 1 HistoryDavenport, T.R.H South Africa a modern history 1 HistoryElphick & Gilomee The shaping of South African society, 1652- 1840 1 HistoryJuly, Robert A history of the African People 1 HistoryMbeki, Govan South Africa the peasants revolt 1 HistoryMountain, Alan An Unsung heritage 2 HistoryNasson, Bill Abraham Esaus War 1 HistoryPakenham, Thomsa The Scramble for Africa 1 HistoryRoss, Robert A Concise History of South Africa 7 HistoryThompson, Leonard A History of South Africa 1 HistoryWilson, Francis Dinosaurs, Diamonds and Democracy: A short history of Sputh Africa 12 HistoryCollins Xhosa Pharse Book 3 LanguageOxford Afrikaans dictonary 1 LanguageOxford First Bilingual Dictionary 3 LanguagePharos, Klein Woordeboek 1 LanguageEngelbrecht. S. and De Beer. T. African Salad - A Portrait of South Africans at Home 1 OtherWilliamson & Jamal Art in South Africa: The future present 1 OtherArnold, Millard Steve Biko: Black consciousness in South Africa 1 PhilosphyBiko, Steve I write what I like: A selection of his writings 1 PhilosphyFredrickson, George Black Liberation 1 PhilosophyNyerere, Julius Freedom & the movement 1 PhilosphyTutu, Desmond Made for Goodness 1 PhilosphyBeinart & Coates Environment & History: The taming of nature in the USA and South Africa 1 Sites of MemoryBennet et al, eds City, Site, Museum: reviewing memory practices at the District Six Museum 2 Sites of MemoryBhaktawar, Nina (ed) South Africa Year book 2010/2011 1 Sites of MemoryBowoes, Brett & Steuart Pennington South Africa The Good News 1 Sites of MemoryCoombes, A History after Apartheid: visual culture and public memory in a democratic South Africa 2 Sites of MemoryDecon, Harriet The island : A history of Robben Isand 1 Sites of MemoryKathrada, Ahmed Robben Island the Reunion 1 Sites of MemoryKrut, David Light on a Hill; Building the Constitutional Court 1 Site of MemoryVan Der Ross, R.E Buy my Flowers 1 Sites of MemoryWorden, Heyningen and Blackford-Smith Cape Town- The Making of a City 3 Sites of MemoryWorden, Heyningen and Blackford-Smith Cape Town- In the Twentieth Century 4 Sites of MemoryAdam & Giliomee Ethnic power mobilized 1 SociologyAdhikari, Mohamed (ed) Straat- praatjes 1 SociologyAppiah, Kwame Anthony In my fathers house: African philosophy of culture 1 SociologyBerkeley, Bill The Graves are not yet full 1 SociologyBesteman, Catherine Transforming Cape town 1 SociologyBoahen, Adu African Perspecyves on Colonialism 1 SociologyCarter, Gwendolen The politics of inequality 1 SociologyED Amina Mama Feminist Africa issue 13, 2009 1 SociologyHabib.A & K. Bentley Racial Redress and citizenship in South Africa 1 SociologyHarber, Anton Diepsloot 2 SociologyHochschild, Adam The mirrors at midnight 1 SociologyIsaacs, Harold Emergent Americans: A report on Crossroads Africa 1 SociologyJames, Caliguire & Cullinan Now that we are Free: Coloured communities in a democratic south africa 1 SociologyJensen, Steffen Gangs, Politics & Dignity in Cape Town 2 SociologyMacDonald, Michael Why Race Matters in South Africa 4 SociologyMamdani, Mahmood Citizen & Subject 1 SociologyMarx, Anthony Making Race and nation 1 SociologyOrford, Margie Fifteen Men 1 SociologyOtter, Steven Khayelitsha- Umlungu in a Township 1 SociologyRamphele, Mamphela Steering by the stars 1 SociologyRobins, Steven From Revolution to rights in South Africa 1 Sociology
  4. 4. Ross, Fiona Raw Life, New hope 3 SociologySeekings.J. and Nattrass.N. Class, Race and inequality in South Africa 3 SociologySimons, Jack & Ray Class & Colour in South Africa 1850-1950 1 SociologyTheroux, Paul Dark star safari 1 SociologyVan Der Post, Laurens The Dark eye in Africa 1 SociologyBinoche, John In my Country 1 DVD - USABlank, Molly Testing hope 1 DVD - SABlomkamp, Neill District 9 1 DVD - SAEastwood, Clint Invictus 1 DVD - SAEnfield, CY Zulu 1 DVD - SAFabian, Anthony Skin 1 DVD - SAHooper, Tom Red Dust 1 DVD - USAUys, James The Gods Must Be Crazy 1 DVD - SA