Shop windows come to life on Saturday 26th March


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Shop windows come to life on Saturday 26th March

  1. 1. WINDOW SHOPPING WITH A DIFFERENCEWATCH WINDOWS COME TO LIFE ON SATURDAY 26TH MARCH FOR BATH INFASHION 2011Watch out as live mannequins bring the shop windows of Bath to life on Saturday26th March. Shops throughout the city will be bringing their windows to life.Makeover magic and must have fashion will be showcased in the Bath’s bigshop window event.As part of Bath in Fashion 2011, Waterstones are swapping books for bodies asmodels pose in the windows. Captivating Bath’s shoppers, they will be showcasingthe must have fashions of SS11 from British Designers@FashionCapital, includinghot brands from London Fashion Week. Waterstones will also have a dress createdwith origami using back copies of fashion magazines by Bath Spa Graduate, EloiseAtwell.” By using both colour and monochrome pages of fashion magazines I hopethat Ive been able to mimic fabrics to create a garment that questions the idea ofrecycling ” said Atwell describing her origami dress.Next door in Jolly’s plans are afoot for makeover magic in the windows plus someexcitement in store with a fashion show at 4.00 pm. At SouthGate Fabulous, NewLook, Boots, Republic and Fat Face will have live action supported by students formCity of Bath College in the windows and Marks and Spencer’s is planning an eyectaching diplay as well as children’s fashion shows at 11.30,12.30 and 14.00 hoursin their first floor children’s wear department. Boots and Debenhams are alsoplanning on making this a family affair with children’s fashion shows.Visitors to Bath will be sitting pretty if they visit the Tourist Information Centre(located next to the Abbey) operated by Bath Tourism Plus. This is the place to pick
  2. 2. up a ticket for Bath in Fashion events and get some style counsel plus a minimakeover plus watch footage from London Fashion Week and see how Bath inFashion comes to life on the small screen.Bath in Fashion has its own shop window, courtesy of Bath & North East Somerset.The window will be used to show off the Bath in Fashion “Wall of Fashion” , a seriesof street style photographs gathered on the streets of Bath by students from BathSpa University.The Bath in Fashion brochure features a whole series of special promotions in storesacross the city. Every fashionista needs some relaxation time, and what better wayto treat yourself than a visit to the Thermae Bath Spa – Britain’s only natural thermalSpa. In the heart of Bath, Thermae Bath Spa is an award-winning Spa where youcan bathe in the UK’s only naturally warm, mineral-rich waters, just as the Celts andRomans did over 2,000 years ago.Choose from a 2-hour or 4-hour spa sessionwhich offers full use of the indoor Minerva Bath and a series of aroma steam roomswith essences such as lavender, eucalyptus and mint. The open-air rooftop poolwith fabulous views over the city of Bath provides a unique setting to relax withfriends or colleagues.