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Heweb social


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heweb15 presenatation

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Heweb social

  1. 1. TRAGEDY, PITCHFORKS AND TWITTER Managing Campus Crises on Social Media #heweb15 #mcs7@amygracewells
  2. 2. Ahh, spring in beautiful South Carolina
  3. 3. A perfect time for holy hell to break loose for social media!
  4. 4. PWOMP!!
  5. 5. I got this!
  6. 6. Holy @$!* run away!
  7. 7. WARNING The proceeding will be filled with horrible trolls, rude students, a good dose of humor, a bit of mild profanity and, of course, gifs.
  8. 8. SOCIAL CRISIS Any on-campus, off-campus or online event that affects an online community and a managed brand account. ! It often requires a direct response from the managed account.
  9. 9. SOCIAL CRISES Racial Tensions Viral Events Winter Weather Cataclysmic Weather! Confederate Flag!! Roommate with Windex Exploitation Campus Shooting!!! Campus Blackout The PHOTO Body Found (Suicide)
  10. 10. + +
  11. 11. When viral happens Is that real or Photoshopped?
  12. 12. Viral event Challenged racial relations on campus
  13. 13. Viral event Challenged racial relations on campus
  14. 14. 19,755 Messages generated to our Facebook and Twitter
  15. 15. Up your listening game
  16. 16. Be better than the NSA • Pick a tool. We use SproutSocial. • Find where the conversation is happening. • Decide what is most important. • Get to know your campus and community issues.
  17. 17. Where to grow • Flowcharts/Clear protocols of chain of communication. • Better communication with key offices on who manages social media. • More staff in SproutSocial to spread load. • More staff/time to regularly monitor anonymous platforms.
  18. 18. Define your issues
  19. 19. The spectrum of hell Being better than the NSA requires time and effort ! Hashtags, keywords, geolocations, key accounts, media, anonymous accounts
  20. 20. Annoyance Lots of chatter, not much to be done Parking, wifi, weather
  21. 21. Issue May require an action, loops in others, safety often not an issue Student actions, severe weather, controversial issues
  22. 22. Crisis Immediate response required, leadership involved, safety of campus at jeopardy Shootings, issues resulting in threats to students/staff, catastrophic weather
  23. 23. Campus shooting Feb. 5, 1:28 Feb. 5, 1:55 Feb. 5, 2:17 Feb. 6, 12:18 No time for spellcheck
  24. 24. Where to grow • More defined spectrum of issues. • Clear protocols and expectations tied to spectrum for each audience/channel. • Menu of response from a content strategy view point. • Social team. Three layers deep.
  25. 25. Manage the mob
  26. 26. …said no sensitive person ever.
  27. 27. Confederate Flag Taking a stand on challenging national issues
  28. 28. 18,295 Messages generated to our Facebook and Twitter
  29. 29. When you lead the call…
  30. 30. Direct and deflect • Humans need to communicate and express emotions. • The mob will find a space so control the space. • Essentially invite them to get it out so you can move on. • Also gives advocates a chance to self-police for you.
  31. 31. Militarized zone • Hide/delete for two reasons: personally identifying information/threats or profanity. • In general, don’t intervene with rants unless inaccurate information. • Use and TRUST your judgement.
  32. 32. Where to grow • Know when you can be strong and respond. • Respond to community response quicker. • Find better ways to update during event for better understanding.
  33. 33. Be social Plug in and reach out to campus peers
  34. 34. Are you kidding me? • We’re busy. We forget things in times of crisis. Communicate after initial response. • Arm community managers with talking points and support. • Remind them to check for scheduled tweets. • Let them know the game plan for central accounts.
  35. 35. Where to grow • Better/quicker ways to get info out. • Better training for social managers. • Stronger crisis response team.
  36. 36. Be human And understand that humans are emotional, irrational beings
  37. 37. When things are scary • People flip the freak out! • They are grasping for comfort and familiarity. • They want someone to speak to them and understand. • They don’t need all the information. They just want to what they can expect.
  38. 38. Understanding in crisis • Use ‘we’ and ‘our’ language when possible. It’s more personal and calming. • Tell them when they can expect and update. • If you don’t have any updates (aka nothing has changed), tell them that. They appreciate it and it calms them down.
  39. 39. Natural Disaster Sometimes shitstorms happen 28 tweets since Oct 3 14 of those updates to weather page 11 updates on Facebook in two days
  40. 40. And people suck
  41. 41. Get a therapist No, really. I’m serious.
  42. 42. Social Support • People are mean. Mean things are sticky. Sticky things drive you crazy. Crazy people can’t sleep. • Your people/person at home can’t take it all. • Have co-workers, students, ‘professionals’ to commiserate with. • Let it out and self soothe.
  43. 43. Keep the good
  44. 44. And laugh when you can
  46. 46. @amygracewells ! Thanks.