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  1. 1. Care &Feeding of aBlogBest practices formaintaining youAgriLife Extension blog
  2. 2. Planning a successful blog Decide now how much time you have to dedicate. Is it daily, weekly, monthly, etc.? Based on that, determine how often you will post. Recommend at least once a week. Develop a plan. Make a monthly calendar of posts. Adjust as needed.
  3. 3. Managing Comments Identifying Spam  Identifying Trolls  Does it include a  Does the person suspicious link? seem to be trying to create  Does it appear to controversy? be from someone outside of the  Are they “egging United States? on” other commenters?
  4. 4. Tools to help bloggingPress ThisA WordPresstool thathelps sharecontent fromother sources.
  5. 5. Tools to help bloggingGoogle Reader
  6. 6. Get help promoting your blog Email the link to your blog to
  7. 7. Support from AgComm Setting up a site/blog  Online WordPress Trainings  Use request form and choose Other Support via FirstCall 