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  • How many of you have an account on Facebook, Twitter or some sort of Social Media application?
    Ok, so many of you are familiar with a form of Social Media then.
    Social Media allows us to connect and engage with others online through various websites and applications.
  • It Includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more
    It also allows for the instantaneous dissemination of news, images, video and other multi-media content
    Now why should we be using Social Media? I want to play a clip from that tells a story of the impact that Social Media has had on our society and how it has changed the way we communicate.
    Source: Erik Qualman,
    So I think that illustrates the level of impact Social Media has had thus far and shows us the importance of integrating it as one of our fundamental tools in communicating with our participants.
    We definitely have to recognize that Social Media is now part of the mainstream
    It is no longer the Non-Traditional marketing, it is the New Norm. It is now a form of traditional marketing
  • So the challenge that we face here is that there are a HUGE number of options in terms of Social Media
    How many people have ever felt overwhelmed by the endless possibilities with Social Media?
    The great thing is there is a TON of information out there to help you get started, the challenge is there is a TON of information out there….
  • With Social Media being an ever changing area, you have to teach yourself a little at a time
    It’s okay to experiment with different strategies
    Use Best practices and relevant data from online to create your social media presence and monitor as you go
  • Here are some key principles to help you get started in creating or improving your social media presence
  • Because there are so many different types of social media sites and applications out there, do a little research and find out where your students are “hanging out”
    Do a random poll – where are they spending their time online
    Undoubtedly, Facebook is a big majority but there are many other sites that are starting to integrate
    Obviously Twitter and YouTube
    But also others like - FourSquare, Pandora, Flickr, Tumblr
    Know where your audience is and go there. Try to create a presence in these spaces
  • Relevance is KEY
    So be sure to build out your page completely and with RELEVANT data for your audience
    Use photos, videos
    Link your other Social Media channels such as Twitter and YouTube
    This creates credibility
  • Creating your presence will allows you to start the conversation
    Social Media is about EXCHANGE and ENGAGEMENT
    By establishing a presence you can open the door for this engagement with your audience and provide a platform for a conversation
    Once established put content out there that elicits a an exchange of information, ask for participation and responses to your posts
    Ex: Trivia Contests
    Provide prizes and rewards for engaging online. Post your favorite campus fitness class, etc.
  • How many people go to Facebook and Twitter daily?
    Well, it is time to start. In order to create a following you need to respond to comments from your participants and keep the conversation going
    The key to a successful social media presence is daily monitoring and showing your credibility by being in the space
  • Make your social media channels integrated
    If you have a social media presence make it known on every page of your site
    Gen Y expects there to be a Facebook site so make the link accessible and show that you have multiple channels for engagement
    Recruit your students to be your admins on Facebook and start by inviting their friends
    Use sweepstakes or contests
  • As I mentioned earlier, it is so important to be flexible and to keep learning
    Social Media changes on a daily basis, Facebook is constantly coming out with new features and adjusting their platform to adapt their product to the needs of their audience
    Keep reading and discover new ways of connecting and engaging
    If something doesn’t work, then try something else
  • The great thing is there are a lot of tools out there that can help you manage your presence online and many of them are Free or very affordable
    Tweetdeck is a top social media dashboard that allows you to manage multiple accounts in one place
    Wildfire Interactive, as mentioned allows you to run promotions, sweepstakes and contests and helps you build your following and collect customer data if necessary
    Wildfire Interactive1. Simplify Participation
    *Wildfire enables you many options to easily create Sweepstakes, Contests, Trivia. Its easy to get carried away with so many options, remember to keep the Promotions simple and user friendly.
    2. Design to Build a Following
    Our VIP Sweepstakes offered over $2,000 in prizes to 3 winners, but part of our registration process was to become a fan. With this strategy over appprox. 80% (597 fans) of our increase in fans also entered the VIP Sweepstakes.
    3. Gain Valuable Information
    Wildfire enables you to collect information about your fans you otherwise would not be able to get. Ask the most important demographic questions to learn more about your fans want. Easily export data to an Excel Spreadsheet and gain analytics about your promotion.
    4. Integrate Sponsors
    Check out a White Label Campaign to incorporate Sponsors' brands into the Campaign. These are the creme de la creme of Wildfire promotions, while more expensive you'll get your money's worth. If its your first time experimenting with a Wildfire Campaign I recommend trying a basic campaign. However, you can create a White Label Campaign and make use of the Wildfire Staff's expert knowledge.
    5. Encourage Fans to Spread the Word
    The power of Social Media is easily spreading information from one group to another. Design your Promotion to be remarkable and easily transferred from one persons network to another to another and make it spread like a 'wildfire'.
  • Caltopia Facebook Campaign
    Caltopia TV
  • The Caltopia campaign was a great success, we built a following of approx. 1,000 followers in about 3 weeks for this one event and had about 500 participants register for our Caltopia VIP promotion through Wildfire Interactive.
    At this time, I would like to bring up our Social Media Intern Matt Gillooly, a Senior at Cal and our “Social Media Guru” to talk about his top takeaways from Facebook and the campaign.
    Top 5 Facebook Page Features
    1. Create a Default Landing Tab with Static FBML – Add customized text, YouTube videos, links with modified HTML code etc.
    Standard among the Best Facebook pages use this to showcase your top Wildfire Promotion, Special offers, etc.
    2. Promotions with Wildfire Campaign – Sweepstakes, Quizzers, on their Specialized Facebook App etc.
    3. Use Multimedia – Create a Viral Video Short, Humorous YouTube style videos (e.g. Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” Interviews or other short videos)
    4. Design Promotions to Optimize Viral Sharing
    Make “Sharing the Posting” part of the Entry Procedure for each Contest
    EX: Make Sharing a Contest Link part of entering a Contest
    5. Create Dialogue and Reward Fan Engagement
    Post Statuses that Encourage Debate and Comment on them
    Giveaway prizes to the Most Active Fans .
    EX: Tuesday Trivia were posted at Randomly throughout Tuesdays
    Post Trivia Randomly on a designated day.
    Allows more time to connect with your Fans
  • PLAYgreen Festival
    Promotion of the PLAYgreen Festival – Zero Paper
    Utilizing Student Groups to share with their members and friends- PLAYgreen Festival was promoted solely through viral marketing by asking participating groups to invite their members and using our other online channels.
  • So to conclude, always remember to:
    Know Your Audience
    Create your Presence
    Start a Conversation
    Be Responsive
    Build your Following
    Be Flexible
    Thank you!
  • Nirsa Region VI Presentation - Social Media + Gen Y

    1. 1. How to use Social Media toHow to use Social Media to Engage Generation YEngage Generation Y Amy GolladayAmy Golladay Assistant Director of Marketing & Business DevelopmentAssistant Director of Marketing & Business Development Department of Recreational SportsDepartment of Recreational Sports UC BerkeleyUC Berkeley
    2. 2. What isWhat is Social Media?Social Media?
    4. 4. Why Social Media?Why Social Media? Source: Erik Qualman,
    5. 5. ChallengeChallenge
    6. 6. Solution: Become a Student
    7. 7. Six Key Principles in Social Media
    8. 8. #1 - Know Your Audience
    9. 9. #2 Create a Presence
    10. 10. #3 - It Starts with a Conversation
    11. 11. #4 - Be Responsive!
    12. 12. #5 - Build your Following
    13. 13. #6 - Be Flexible. Learn as you go.
    14. 14. Tools
    15. 15. Case Studies
    16. 16. Get Started! Amy GolladayAmy Golladay Assistant Director of Marketing & Business DevelopmentAssistant Director of Marketing & Business Development Department of Recreational Sports - UC BerkeleyDepartment of Recreational Sports - UC Berkeley