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Talk samples


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Talk samples

  1. 1. Give a One Word AnswerStudent can touch arecorded label withthe Talking Pen togive a one wordanswer.
  2. 2. Give a One Word Answer: PictureStudent can point toa picture to give aone word answer.
  3. 3. State Three FactsStudent tells 3 factsabout a topic from alist.
  4. 4. Speech BubbleStudent uses thevisual support tocomment during aninteractiveexchange.
  5. 5. State Three Facts PageStudent states thehighlightedvocabulary word tocontribute factsabout a topic.
  6. 6. Idea MapStudent usesinformation theywrote about a topicto contribute to adiscussion.
  7. 7. Talking PenStudent has picturesrepresenting factsthey know about atopic in a speechbubble to promptthem in adiscussion.
  8. 8. Thought BubblesIdeas on a topic arerepresented in thethought bubblesand student selectsan idea for thespeech bubblewhen it is theirtalking turn.