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  1. 1. NME (new musical express)By Amy Kay
  2. 2. About the magazine...NME music magazine started being printed in March1952 and ever since then it has been printed weekly.It started out as a newspaper and then graduallyturned into magazine print. It was the first Britishpaper which included the charts. NME now has anonline internet website which began in 1996 and itnow has over 5 millions users per month. NME alsohold there own music awards, the winners arenominated by the readers of the magazine.
  3. 3. Who owns NME?The company that owns the magazine NME isowned by IPC media. IPC media produce over60 media brands. 26 million adults in the UK readthe magazines which are produced by IPC mediaand over 20 million users use there website eachmonth. IPC media produce NME magazine alongwith many others which are well known such ascountry life, horse and hound, look, now andchat. IPC media have 3 main audiences for themedia that they produce and these are massmarketing women, up market women and men.
  4. 4. The company IPC media are well known for the printmedia that they produce. This is because they printvarious different magazines which are targeted at alldifferent audiences. IPC media produce over 60brands. These brands include the big well knownnames such are Marie Claire, nuts, now, look, TVtimes, ideal home and pick me up.
  5. 5. The company…I would describe the company IPC media as being amainstream company, this is because they produce anumber of magazines which are well known to thepublic. Also they produce weekly magazines whichmeans that they must be selling there magazines ona large scale. The total circulation of the magazinebetween January 2010 and June 2010 was 33,875.
  6. 6. British?I would consider the magazine to be British becauseit is a popular British publication. Also the writers ofthe magazine are British and these are Tony Parsonsand Julie Burchill. The magazine editor is KrissiMurison who is also British. This means that themagazine will have a very British feel to it. Themagazine includes the British weekly charts.
  7. 7. Other relevant info…NME have an online website which gives all of theinformation which is in the magazine and moreinformation about upcoming bands, the website linkis http://www.nme.com/. The NME awards show isalso a popular award ceremony which is held everyyear. As well as this NME sponsor a music tour everyyear.
  8. 8. Audience…The target audience for NME magazine would beboth male and female. This is because it is a moregender equal magazine and it is not biased towards acertain gender. NME also have a wider range ofmusic genres included in it rather than a specificgenre. NME is also a very popular magazine, it ispopular with young people because of the up to datemusic that it includes. NME try to target thereaudience in both male and females and they targetyounger people rather than older people.