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Amy Lau


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Amy Lau's Key Qualifications

Published in: Business, Technology
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Amy Lau

  1. 1. Key Qualifications Featured Interviews Television Appearances Amy E. Lau • Marketing & Brand Management• Executive Healthcare Communication • Vice President Marketing • Spokesperson
  2. 2. Key Qualifications
  3. 3. Brand & Product Definition /Market Penetration• Leveraged a $15+ million sponsorship budget to increase brand awareness and promote corporate citizenry• Drove brand awareness up 21% and improved campaign time-to-market 35% by creating a centralized brand standard portal housing 20,000+ corporate brand properties.• Developed and implemented a brand-integrated marketing, advertising, sponsorship, and public relations strategy, increasing corporate brand awareness by 3% in two separate market segments.
  4. 4. Brand & Product Definition /Market Penetration• Played a pivotal role in driving market share from 6.7% to 12.9% within just three years by defining and driving complex brand and marketing strategies
  5. 5. Corporate Marketing /Communications• Generated more than $70 million in new business within one year by developing and executing a multifaceted marketing strategy and communication plan• Developed a successful, community-based incentive program, leading to a 37% increase in business development• Initiated more than $20 million in revenue from new business within months of rolling-out an innovative marketing promotion
  6. 6. Corporate Marketing /Communications• Drove 17% growth in assets within 12 months by utilizing a historical demographic market trend analysis to achieve desired results complex brand a• $2.6 million generated within one year of successfully creating and launching the companys first-ever e-commerce website• Cultivated $7 million in new deposits in under a month by promoting and advertising via direct mail campaigns, branch marketing, online advertising, and public relations
  7. 7. Complex Program / ProjectManagement• Delivered a 20x increase in marketing and advertising media exposure by designing and implementing a comprehensive strategic marketing, advertising, public relations, and activation plan
  8. 8. Multifunctional Collaboration /Leadership• Achieved maximum corporate exposure at 75% of first-tier sponsor costs through the development and management of a corporate brand strategy• Directed a $15+ million corporate marketing and advertising budget across cross-divisional teams of interdisciplinary leadership in a matrix environment• Enhanced marketing program visibility and engagement of executive leadership in decision-making processes by creating a collaborative communication environment• Dramatically improved delivery of multimillion-dollar programs by leading national cross-divisional teams consisting of 30+ resources per division, senior management, and board members, and 10 outside vendors and non-profits
  9. 9. Government / Community /Investor Relations• As spokesperson for a $20+ million Heart Truth Campaign for Diet Coke, promotes cause-related initiatives in domestic and international broadcast markets• Effectively lobbied legislation for policy changes impacting national healthcare by advocating for healthcare in meetings with key congressional leaders• Enhanced Fortune 100 companys corporate giving process by creating a strategic philanthropy department that improved the allocation of millions of dollars in charitable donations
  10. 10. Government / Community /Investor Relations• Created Fortune 100 annual reports and other investor relations communications materials• Developed strategic print advertisements in Congressional publications to promote the Fortune 100 companys support and position on policy issues
  11. 11. Integrating Technology &Business Solutions• Dramatically improved and simplified collaboration on a $15+ million project across a nationally disbursed research team• 30% increase in business development efforts achieved by designing and implementing an online email, event management / survey system• Increased recruitment efficiency approximately 30% while simultaneously doubling the sales force through collaborative design and implementation of an online HR-recruitment portal
  12. 12. Integrating Technology &Business Solutions• $100,000 reduction to the operating budget achieved by working effectively across divisions and IT to leverage online technology solutions• 100% sales increase achieved while simultaneously reducing expenses by 20% through leveraging technical expertise to utilize the marketing power of the Internet
  13. 13. Vendor Relations & ContractNegotiations• Coordinated more than $15+ million in major sponsorships, meeting extreme time demands while ensuring cost containment and contract adherence by carefully analyzing expectations and organizing a myriad of details across multiple, concurrent, multi- year programs• Negotiated the corporate title sponsorship of a $1.25 million U.S. Open Series tournament, plus an additional $2.5 million activation to ensure cost containment in a highly complex sponsorship execution process
  14. 14. Strategic Business Planning /Forecasting• $4 million in new business generated in just three months by creating a strategic marketing and advertising plan• Played an integral role for the company to achieve its five-year goal to obtain the #1 market leader position through the development and execution of multiple strategic marketing campaigns
  15. 15. Situational Analysis / SolutionsDevelopment• Coordinated more than $15+ million in media sponsorships, meeting extreme demands by carefully analyzing expectations and organizing and managing a myriad of details across multiple, concurrent, multi- year programs
  16. 16. Featured Interviews TELEVISIONAPPEARANCES
  17. 17. Television Appearances• 2009 – Present: National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s Heart Truth Campaign – Diet Coke – Diet Coke Commercial with Heidi Klum broadcast on FOX’s “American Idol,“ Academy Awards,” and International Markets• 2005: Ringing the Opening Bell on New York Stock Exchange – CNBC, CNN, FOX
  18. 18. Featured Interviews• Los Angeles Times• Orange County Business Journal• North Valley Community News• Private Clubs Magazine• University of California, Los Angeles, “Daily Bruin”• San Fernando Valley News
  19. 19. Grants• 2009 - Women in Film, 30 second Television PSA for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and WomenHeart: National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease• 2008 - United States Tennis Association, Los Angeles Unified School District• 1994 – 1995 The Colorado Springs Department of Social Services, The Marriage and Family Treatment Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado