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  1. 1. De Leon, Jasmin Roque, David
  2. 2. What is Buffet? Types of Buffet Hotels & Resto with Buffet
  3. 3. a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners generally serve themselves offered at various places usually served some hot dishes -> cold buffet developed involves plates, bowls, and cutlery
  4. 4. FINGER BUFFET: is an array of foods that are designed to be small and easily consumed by hand alone STAFFED BUFFET: diners may bring their own plate along the buffet line and are given a portion by a server at each station STAFFED BUFFET: diners may serve themsel- ves, but a carvery station for roasted meats is staffed
  6. 6.  served during particular time of the day  includes in between (happy hour)  service of late night buffet snack  made of breakfast and lunch foods  offers a full array of hot and cold foods
  7. 7.  bite-sized food  easily handed with the fingers  flatware consists of fork & small plate  presents a particular or group of item  most appropriate for a particular holiday or theme
  8. 8.  everything is focus on specific occasion  offers challenge to menu planners  dominated by particular area or nationality  customs, methods of food should be studied carefully
  9. 9.  celebrates an occasion wanted by the restaurant or client  slightly different from occasion buffet  mark all the different seasons  food offered plentiful, readily available
  10. 10. Cocina is the buffet resto of the famous ‘Kusina ni Kambal’ in Marikina City which has been in operation since 1988. Location: Sentrong Pangkultura ng Marikina, Kapt. Moy Ancestral House, J. P. Rizal St., Sta. Elena Marikina City
  11. 11. Since 1988, the company had taken pride in its quality food, personalized and professional service with very simple but elegant set-up. Each occasion or party, no matter how big or small is managed according to the engagerss needs, taste and preference but always with “high quality food and entrée with a touch of home”.
  12. 12. officially entered the restaurant industry on December 11, 2011. Owned by Ms. Donita Choi. Since then, the restaurant has been satisfying the appetite of numerous guests. Choice Buffet is an eat-all-you-can style restaurant also known as "smorgasbords". We offer a range of authentic Korean and Japanese cuisine that are prepared and served with the passion and care. We also serve bottomless drinks inclusive in our rates to complete your dining experience. Location: Hobbies of Asia Mall, Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City
  13. 13. Their menus includes: • beef stew • california maki • salmon • tuna sashimi • tempura • bulgogi • pork spareribs • chicken teriyaki
  14. 14. Location: 125-131 SM Fairview Quirino Highway Regaldo Avenue Level 4 Robinson's Galleria Qrtigas Ave, Quezon City, Philippines American (New) American (Traditional) Buffets Chinese Diners Fast Food Filipino French Hawaiian Hot Dogs Indian/Pakistani Italian Japanese Korean Mexican Pizza Seafood Soul Food Steakhouses Sushi Bars Taiwanese Thai
  15. 15. Best-selling items from their menus: • tempura • spicy shrimp • crab soaked in ginger sauce • pork sisig • california maki Opened: April 14, 2012
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