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Why you need to start using blog tags now


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Blogging is a great way to get more exposure to your Kindle and ebook titles. However, blogging has its own set of effective practices. One of them is the concept of tagging.

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Why you need to start using blog tags now

  1. 1. Why You Need to Start Using Blog Tags Now
  2. 2. Importance of Blogging Great way to get more exposure to your Kindle and ebook titles Blogging has its own set of effective practices ◦ Tagging
  3. 3. Understanding Blog Tags Look at them as they correspond and complement blog post categories Blog post categories are essentially the broadest form of categorically filtering your many, many different blog posts
  4. 4. Example Blog post categories for a music review website could consist of: ◦ “news”, “previews”, “reviews”, “opinions” and “promotions” tags Alternatively, a sports website could consist of: ◦ “football”, “basketball”, “hockey”, “baseball”, an d “soccer” tags
  5. 5. Blog Category Tags Aimed at helping to categorize the many different blog posts on a website
  6. 6. Blog Category Tags Blog in the absolute broadest method possible ◦ aim to take this even further and distinguish amongst even the most minute of details from one article or post to another. Positively ideal for ranking for certain terms of phrases in search engines
  7. 7. Using Blog Tags  Tag and filter your post with as many explicitly detailed terms or phrases as you can.  Think of your post tag system as a way for your readers to easily hop from one article to the next
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