Tips and guide to hiring a content outsourcer


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When you have decided where to place your advertisement you want to clearly define the project details. This would include stating the expected formats you need the content to be delivered in along with the time frame and any qualifications that are required.

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Tips and guide to hiring a content outsourcer

  1. 1. Tips and Guide to Hiring a Content Outsourcer
  2. 2. Working With An Outsourcer Begin outsourcing content when you see you are getting regular work. By outsourcing early you have more than enough time to train this person on how your business runs
  3. 3. Hiring Process Decided on where to place your advertisement Ask candidates to write something specific in their application Disregard those who did not follow your outline Review the applications that you have left and start going through them
  4. 4. Agreements and Legal Issues Make sure to have ready and in place the legal agreements Here are a few places you can get agreement templates: ◦ ce-writer-contract.rl ◦ Forms-Authors-Self-Publishers/dp/1581150393
  5. 5. Ensuring You Get Good Quality  Offer to hire someone on a test basis  Asking for references and samples  Stay away from people that have no references
  6. 6. Ensuring You Get Good Quality Ask them to write or design something very small for you You can mention that you will be passing the content through a service such as Copyscape
  7. 7. Paying for Your Content The next step is to determine what payment method you wish to use Remember: Payment and delivery is a two way street Offer to pay a deposit up front Ask for PayPal invoice for the outstanding balance
  8. 8. When Things Go Wrong When instructions are not being carried out correctly Some more serious implications is when someone steals your content When they take advantage of information that you may have shared with them.
  9. 9. Some Precautions That You Can Take If you decide to give your outsourcer access to your blog create a separate user account for them When it comes to making and receiving payments, paypal is safe and you can open up an account in most countries Always ensure that you are backing up all of your files
  10. 10. The majority of freelancers and outsourcers pride themselves on doing a really great job, this is theirbusiness after all. Unfortunately there are always those unscrupulous few that are out to cause trouble if anything goes wrong. By having solid work ethics in place this is less likely to happen.
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