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A step by-step guide to properly utilizing plr and kindle books


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A step by-step guide to properly utilizing plr and kindle books

  1. 1. A Step-By-Step Guide ToProperly Utilizing PLR And Kindle Books
  2. 2. Private Label Rights Derived from its offline marketing counterpart, “private labeling” Since it’s online, it deals far more often with intangible digital properties ◦ e-books ◦ graphic design templates ◦ software
  3. 3. Private Label Rights Give potential license holders the permission and authority to either ◦ Redistribute ◦ Modify ◦ Resell ◦ Repurpose ◦ Edit said original digital property in any way or method they deem fit Or at least that’s what PLR allowed people to do originally.
  4. 4. Marketing PLR as a Whole Amazon/Kindle prohibited anyone from using any material that was published freely anywhere online within their Kindle books
  5. 5. Marketing PLR as a Whole  But don’t worry, there’s a solution to that: ◦ you just need to go about marketing and monetizing PLR- based products and books the right way
  6. 6. Utilizing PLR and Kindle books Introducing “PLR to Published” ◦ Learn not only how to use PLR properly to help your Kindle book niche research and overall organization ◦ But also what you can do to help gain an edge on publishing your own Kindle books with the help of PLR
  7. 7. Make Money on Kindle with PLR Content  Learn more about not only if it’s possible to make money on Kindle with PLR content, but specifically how to do it  Check out our definitive PLR To Published Guide to help walk you through the entire process
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