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Publish With Little-to-No Writing Needed-

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Non fic pic pro

  1. 1. By Amy Harrop and Deborah Drum
  2. 2.  Popular types of children’s books are those that include lots of great pictures and a small amount of text
  3. 3.  In this training, you’ll discover how to easily assemble and create high- quality non-fiction picture books.
  4. 4.  Non Fiction Books are popular with parents and younger readers ◦ Common age range for these types of books is the age of 3 to 8
  5. 5.  Children have the opportunity to learn facts and information about a variety of subjects  Accompanying pictures also helps them identify and understand the information  These books are quite popular and overall, sell well
  6. 6.  The content should be engaging and well-written.  The best way to create a high- quality book is to narrow your book focus to a handful of subtopics.
  7. 7.  Types/species/geography-How many, where do they live?  Body characteristics-what makes them different from other animals?  Reproductive/Family-how do they raise and care for their young?  Diet-what and how do they eat?  Unusual-Weird, unusual, ‘disgusting’ facts are fun!
  8. 8. By keeping the focus narrow, you can create a more interesting and insightful picture book that will stand out from the crowd. Workflow is: Topic Selection>Research>Writing>Photos
  9. 9.  Once you’ve narrowed down your subtopics, you can easily find photos that fit
  10. 10.  We’ve several resources on where to easily find photos for nearly any non-fiction topic ◦ We’ve included a PDF of curated places that offer great photos you can use for free. This is a great starting point. ◦ We’ve also included an in-depth spreadsheet of many more places you can find photos, artwork and clip art you can use.
  11. 11. Publish With Little-to-No Writing Needed-