How to make money from product reviews


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Discover the essential building blogs of online success at

The key to this incredibly low-cost way to start a lucrative online business lies in simplifying each step to its ultimate degree. One of the simplest ways to do this lies in focusing exclusively on ClickBank products.

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How to make money from product reviews

  1. 1. How to Make Money fromProduct Reviews
  2. 2. Clickbank Review Blogging Creating a reviewblog is still astrong, enduringway to make anincome off the net
  3. 3. Clickbank Review Blogging One of the easiest methods◦ if you know what to do◦ how to do it◦ why you’re doing it that way. Focusing exclusively on ClickBankproducts With over 714,000 visits permonth, ClickBank is one of the largestaffiliate marketplaces
  4. 4. ClickBank Review BloggingOverview Pros◦ About 82% of yourcompetition arenewbies. If you findout exactly what todo, you’ll jump uptowards the head ofthe crowd◦ In this report, we’lluncover the secrets tochoosing productswith high returns Cons With thousands ofproducts and evenmore affiliatemarketers cruisingthe ClickBankmarketplace likehungryraccoons, dayin, day out, you’vegot a lot ofcompetition.
  5. 5. Writing Clickbank Reviews ThatSell Choose a product,review it and buildyour reputation asa blogging andreview “authoritysite”
  6. 6. Review Blogging with MultipleMedia You can use written, video blogging orauditory review. Don’t think you need to confine yourselfto written posts only Occasional use of a video review canliven up your content If video is too stressful, providing theoccasional auditory review in adownloadable
  7. 7. Elements of A Good Review Post Your Post Headline◦ Ask a Question◦ Number it◦ Discuss it◦ Be Controversial
  8. 8. Elements of A Good Review Post Your Introduction◦ A good introduction should have a strong “hook”to make the reader want to keep reading◦ Relate the introduction to your reader. One wayis to use “you” words◦ When you start your post, quickly introduce yourproduct◦ Your introduction needs to quickly summarizefor the reader which product you’re going toreview, what it does, and who makes it
  9. 9. Elements of A Good Review Post Putting Images inyour Posts◦ Number it◦ Discuss it◦ Be Controversial
  10. 10. Elements of A Good Review Post Pros and Cons◦ With similar products, try to figure out extraterms they might be searching with inGoogle, and work from that◦ Resist the temptation to make the word “scam”part of your post, just for SEO purposes◦ Use Wordtracker’s free keyword tool and try outyour own potential search terms◦ flaws can actually be seen as an advantage, tosome people.
  11. 11. Elements of A Good Review Post How it Works◦ Most productsbenefit from a briefdescription of how itworks◦ Draw a vivid mentalsketch for yourreader of the reasonsthis tool will workfor him or her
  12. 12. Elements of A Good Review Post Your Call to Action◦ Its simply making sure your reader knowshow to instantly access the product, if hewants to purchase it◦ Provide a link◦ Always include that call to action
  13. 13. Discover the essential buildingblogs of online success at