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Discover the best way to build your internet marketing business


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Discover the essential building blogs of online success at

One of the most important things you must do to achieve success online is to build a solid relationship with your subscriber.Building a relationship is important because it can make the difference between making a sale and losing it to your competitor.

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Discover the best way to build your internet marketing business

  1. 1. Discover the Best Way toBuild Your InternetMarketing Business
  2. 2. Why is E-mail Marketing veryEffective It’s one of the fastestways to leverage on theInternet◦ Compose an email,customize it and clickbroadcast E-mail marketing ishighly scalable◦ click broadcast andeveryone on your list getsnotified
  3. 3. Why is E-mail Marketing veryEffective E-mail marketing is highly targeted◦ marketing directly to the customer throughtheir PERSONAL mailbox E-mail marketing is personal◦ allows you to connect with the subscriberindividually You can automate many tasks with yourautoresponder◦ You can time/ schedule your E-mails
  4. 4. Building Rapport With YourSubscriber Keep in touch withyour mailing listoften◦ Don’t mail themonly when you needto promote aproduct.
  5. 5. Building Rapport With YourSubscriber Ask about their needs and concerns◦ Use questionnaires and get them involved Send them gifts sometimes◦ It could be in the form of free reports, blogtemplates, graphics or even freemembership access! Be personal◦ Let them see your human side or yourpersonal life. It sure beats dry, stale E-mailsthat talk about product launches all day.
  6. 6. Building Rapport With YourSubscriber Be educational.◦ When you impartsomething of valueto your subscribers,they will see you asa teacher and listento what you say.
  7. 7. Establish Yourself As An Authority Talk about your experiences online andoffline◦ If you’ve run an offline business before, useit to establish your credibility as a businessbuilder◦ If you’ve been in sales and marketingbefore, use it to establish your credibility asa copywriter.
  8. 8. Establish Yourself As An Authority Show them screen shots of how muchmoney you’ve made online◦ If you don’t have any of these, use photosof well-known marketers you’ve takenpictures with Let others tell the story◦ It would be better to let others sing yourpraises – especially in the form oftestimonials.
  9. 9. Use E-courses To Build CredibilityOver Time write an E-courseor a newsletterthat will be sent toyour subscriber’sE-mail◦ It must besomethingeducational Letothers tell the story
  10. 10. What You Must Avoid At All Costs Spamming◦ Never, ever ‘spam’ your mailing list◦ Learn to send E-mails at strategic intervals Mailing them only when you are sellingsomething◦ The reason people join your mailing list isbecause they want something of value forbeing on your list
  11. 11. What You Must Avoid At All Costs Rushing yourEmails◦ Having too manymistakes in yourE-mail will makeyou lookunprofessional
  12. 12. What You Must Avoid At All Costs Not mailing your list for a long time◦ If you don’t keep in touch with yoursubscribers for a long time, they will tend toforget who you are Not relating to your subscribers◦ You don’t want to sell cat food to peoplewho don’t own a pet!
  13. 13. Discover the essential building blogsof online success at