CRM Initial Requirements Gathering Workshop Pack


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This is a pack that I have created recently to help a team gather initial information and requirements to support a CRM requirements gathering exercise.

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CRM Initial Requirements Gathering Workshop Pack

  1. 1. CRM Requirements Gathering Session 1
  2. 2. • The business requirements will form the basis of future projects and will determine the eventual scope. • If a ‘need’ is not raised as a requirement, the project will not know that the system must perform an action- therefore it will not be included within the scope of the project or included within the end solution. • The requirements will be base-lined at the end of the Initiate Phase. Any requirements submitted after this date will not be accepted without a change request and associated funding (where applicable). • The identified business stakeholders are responsible for ensuring that all requirements are raised during the Initiate Requirements gathering process. The Importance of Requirement Gathering
  3. 3. Understanding the Business
  4. 4. • What do you sell? • How is it sold? • How much does it cost? • Who are your ‘customers’? • Who are the ‘sellers’? • Describe your ecosystem (partners, customers, competitors) General Questions- Discussion
  5. 5. • What groups make up the team? What are their roles and responsibilities? Provide a brief description of the existing sales organisation. • How do the teams currently communicate and interact? • What are the strategy, goals and objectives? • What tools/ systems are currently used? How are they used? • Who currently uses these tools? • How many people use the system? • What is the experience of the user? • What projects are underway at the moment to change the current system? General Questions cont.… Discussion
  6. 6. Identifying Customers
  7. 7. • Describe your typical day. • How do you identify potential customers? • Who initiates relationships? • How do you contact customers? • Who manages relationships? • Do you track information about contacts? If so, what details are important? • Do you track information about companies? If so, what details are important? Identifying Customers- Discussion
  8. 8. • How do you segment your customers? • What activities/ engagements do you want to track? • What information is shared between different teams? Tracking Customer Engagements- Discussion
  9. 9. The Product
  10. 10. • What can you sell? • What if you sell something ‘new’? • Can you sell in bulk? • Can you sell across sites? • Can you sell globally? The Sales ‘Item’- Discussion
  11. 11. The Sales Process
  12. 12. • How do you forecast sales? • Describe the lifecycle of a sale? • How you turn a prospect into a customer? What are the steps, what are the activities that are needed to support this? • Do you have different processes for existing and new customers? • Do you have different processes per segment? • Is any of the sales function outsourced? Are agencies used for any of the sales function? • How do you measure sales performance? The Sales Process- Discussion
  13. 13. • Who can create a deal or sale? • Who needs to approve a deal or sale? • Who needs to review a deal or sale? • Who should be notified when a deal or sale is made? Sales Approvals- Discussion
  14. 14. • What happens once a ‘deal’ has been agreed? • How are the terms documented? • How are contracts created? • How is finance setup? • How is the invoice paid? The Purchase Process- Discussion
  15. 15. Management Information & Reporting
  16. 16. • What reports do you currently get out of the system? • What information do you not get from the system? • What information is taken from the system and shared globally? Management Information & Reporting- Discussion
  17. 17. Any Questions?