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What Would da Vinci Do?


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Published in: Education
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What Would da Vinci Do?

  1. ! What Would ! Da Vinci Do?! #R2SCMS16 Lessons on Life, Teaching, and Learning from the Artists @amyburvall
  2. #wwdvd Tweet or Talk
  3. please transition back
  4. What’s “Historyteachers”?
  5. What’s “Historyteachers”?
  6. me, ! sketching! everywhere
  7. never say… @adambellow
  8. aren’t we all?
  9. caves at chauvet! 32-30,000 BP
  10. venus of willendorf! 28-25,000
  11. Instagram Art
  12. we have learned! nothing - Picasso
  13. what can we! learn from! great artists?
  14. impressionist mvmt ! and mobile learning
  15. once revolution
  16. now ubiquitous
  17. ! “go with me”!
  18. ! appreciate the fleeting! …and the era in which you live
  19. Monet, 1877
  20. Manet, 1882
  21. Renoir, 1880s
  22. Degas,1893
  23. ! go mobile
  24. ! get messy ! and real
  25. ! not reactive proactive
  26. embrace the tech of the day
  27. ! ! tools inform technique!
  28. break your bubble
  29. new perspective
  30. ! get a posse ! + collaborate
  31. ! get connected
  32. ! own your criticism- ! wear it like a badge
  33. Monet, Impression, Sunrise 1872
  34. tweet or talk:! ! ! what’s your fav creative tool?! ! how do your students collaborate globally? #wwdvd
  35. please transition back
  36. rise above ! your roots
  37. move on…and up
  38. stay curious +! sharpen senses
  39. negative ! capability
  40. I have the answers to the questions they never ask - Gwen Burvall
  41. build broad knowledge!
  42. ! who you know ! will help you grow
  43. make thinking ! visible
  44. creativity is… connecting dots…
  45. inspiration! takes no! vacation
  46. ! your mind race ! needs a space
  47. finish!!
  48. sometimes good enough…! is just perfect
  49. don’t be afraid to! trash your treasures
  50. find strength! in a smile
  51. don’t feed the trolls! keep it clean - ! ignore the mean
  52. reputation is like glass -! don’t be an ***
  53. charm will ! get you ! everywhere
  54. light others’ ! candles
  55. tweet ot talk:! ! where do you store and share thoughts?! ! how do your students make their thinking visible?! ! what does inquiry look like in your classroom? #wwdvd
  56. please transition back
  57. make disciplines! dance together
  58. work beyond your will
  59. ! mastery comes ! with muscle
  60. pursue patience !
  61. think bigger…! …and differently do the unexpected
  62. see the angel in the marble! !
  63. edit around your vision
  64. ! ! whitespace is powerful
  65. make your work public
  66. tell stories! visual
  67. ancora imparo! Live to Learn !
  68. ! be biographical material… ! …while you’re still biological material leave a…
  69. don’t wait to appreciate ! (give shoutouts)
  70. tweet or talk:! ! give a shout out to a person! you admire..or better yet a student! ! in what ways are you “still learning”? #wwdvd
  71. please transition back
  72. bricolage is best…! …be resourceful !
  73. find beauty in the broken!
  74. find a homebase!
  75. understand your umwelt
  76. open up and observe
  77. people matter
  78. “At last I don’t ! know how to draw”
  79. I have always been a pencil aim to archive
  80. make work easily sharable
  81. ! 737 canvas 5084 posters 275 watercolours 363 prints ceramics, etc be prolific
  82. making trumps thinking
  83. bad health can result in mental wealth
  84. work through ! struggles!
  85. bolster your buddies
  86. tweet or talk:! ! where is your favourite place to work?! or! what strange or flawed thing do you! feel is beautiful?! or! how do you or students share ! your work? #wwdvd
  87. please transition back
  88. The Wow and the Wonder
  89. “We are surrounded ! by poetry on all sides”
  90. “admire as much as you can…! most people do not! admire enough”
  91. “It is looking at things for a long time ! that ripens you! and gives you a deeper meaning”
  92. “…in the poorest ! cottages ! and in the ! dirtiest corners…”
  93. power in the detail…! push for the best work…! revise and make beautiful
  94. metaphor
  95. Be you - no compromises
  96. “normality is a paved road…! it’s comfortable to walk! but no flowers grow on it”
  97. “do not quench your! inspiration and ! your ! imagination”
  98. Creative Courage Expression ! Trumps ! Perfection
  99. “just slap anything on ! when you see a blank canvas ! staring at you in the face…” “break the spell of ‘you can’t’”
  100. Know the risk…! but take it
  101. “…a series of small things! brought together”
  102. Do … to Learn
  103. Take up my pencil…! …go on with my drawing
  104. Leave a Legacy
  105. “Wheat is Wheat…! even if people think it is grass! in the beginning”
  106. Strive for Empathy ! and ! Passion
  107. Make something ! GOOD! every day
  108. ! What have you persevered through in your teaching career?! ! How can we help students be resilient?! ! How can we help build communities that boost creative confidence?! ! What have you learned recently or are learning?! ! #wwdvd tweet or talk:
  109. please transition back
  110. cultivate ! a constellation of creatives
  111. ! to know what you’re going to draw! you have to begin drawing! work backwards
  112. Inspiration exists…! but it has to find you working
  113. love your work!
  114. simple is sublime!
  115. Apple training
  116. change it up - ! don’t be one trick pony make like Madonna
  117. ! explore new paths!
  118. find a muse
  119. ! ! look to the past to look forward
  120. “learn the rules ! like a pro…! …so you can ! break them ! like an artist”
  121. “art washes away from the soul! the dust of everyday life” get in ! a creative habit
  122. channel BAD! into RAD
  123. embrace the youthful artist ! within you
  124. “It takes a long time! to grow young”
  125. stand for something!
  126. use the platform! you are given
  127. brain > brawn
  128. ! painting is not done to ! decorate apartments…! ! …it is an instrument of war
  129. “computers are useless…! they can only give you answers”
  130. live in the “why not?”!
  131. find your gift…! …then give it away
  132. tweet or talk:! ! post a “why not?”! ! what have you done lately to “change it up”?! ! how can the power of art be used in your course? #wwdvd
  133. please transition back
  134. ! seek serendipity! flaunt the fails ! marvel at mistakes
  135. treasure your past !
  136. curate cleverly!
  137. be awed by the ordinary You need to let the! little things that would ! ordinarily bore you ! suddenly thrill you.
  138. tinker, try, and test!
  139. make it a!
  140. think in themes
  141. keep making
  142. find your niche!
  143. make your own movement
  144. appropriate to create -! re-contextualize!
  145. see things in new ways
  146. you don’t have to explain yourself
  147. cultivate a creative space..! ! find your “Factory”! build your “woodshed”
  148. find something to like in everyone!
  149. the “little times” are often big!
  150. live ! lightheartedly
  151. tweet or talk:! ! how do you and students curate? ! or! what 3 things make a creative classroom space?! #wwdvd
  152. please transition back
  153. paint what you like! and die happy
  154. tweet or talk:! ! what thing do you want to do more of ! next school year - that you enjoy ! and don’t get to do enough of..! OR ! how to give students more choice? #wwdvd
  155. selfies! with biggest takeaway selfies!
  156. @amyburvall